Portsmouth week 2

It’s been another amazing week for the lads of Portsmouth in week 2 of the current season. It was always going to be hard to carry on the first weeks losses but you guys gave it a bloody good go! A long list of losers over 1kg is led by Whites player Simon Grant, who is always saying he can’t be bothered. If an amazing 2.8kg off is “can’t be bothered” I would love to see what happens when he tries! Blacks main man Chris Haines is a lot slimmer now he has lost 2.4kg and another Whites player John Hookey is simply melting away (and nothing to do with the heat) after an awesome 2.2kg after last weeks top class effort. Mike Swain of Yellows also loses over 2kg with a wonderful 2.2kg disappearing forever :crossed_fingers:. Yet another Whites player, Rob Newman, loses 1.8kg whilst top performer for the Purples is Joe Brown with an impressive loss of 1.7kg. Nathan Brown, reds, loses 1.6kg whilst three players all lose 1.4kg each. They are, in no particular order, Neil Remnant (Blues), Michael Holmes (Whites) and Cark Witts (Whites). Propping up the leaders list (but losing more than 30 other players) is James Mudie of Blues who lost 1.2kg. With so many Whites players on this list is is no surprise to see that there are 4 of their players on the Top Scorers list and with John Hookey going great guns it is him who leads with a massive, I mean MASSIVE, 5.48% loss already. In just two weeks of the season! Neil Remnant and Simon Grant are both close to hitting their 5% already, hopefully next week eh guys?

On the pitch it seems that holidays and injuries are playing their part already. Purples v Reds was a pretty straightforward affair ending 10 - 5 to Purples but was a lot closer than people would have thought after last seasons games between the two. Blues then played blacks in a 5 a side match due to both teams being short of players, and what a great game it was. With more space and time on the pitch the players could really get down to playing football instead of being crowded out and a final score of 11 -3 to Blacks, who had to use two ringers, was just enough to give them the win after adjustments. The final game of the night saw Whites struggle to win against Yellows but eventually they held out for a 9 - 6 win. After the match adjustments for weight loss, tracking etc saw the results stay the same although the actual scores differed quite a lot in some games.

So what can we do this week to help us not only lose weight but manage to keep it off? Ever thought about doing your local ParkRun? It is a 3k run (not a race) for anyone and everyone and takes place in several venues near us. It is free to do and you get an official time each time you run so you can keep a track of your progress as time goes by. There are some serious runners who do it but mostly it is mums with pushchairs, people exercising their dogs, housewives, and people looking to get into running or recovering from illness/operations etc. Some people walk it all so I doubt you will be last, which is always the fear for any runner. I did a 5k once and came last, got the biggest cheer of the night! There’s a story involved though lol. Think about it, look into it and maybe join up. As I said, it’s free so all you need is to give up 30/40 minutes on a Saturday morning. Try looking here https://www.parkrun.org.uk/portsmouthlakeside/ or here https://www.parkrun.org.uk/southsea/. There are also events in Havant and Fareham.

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I sometimes do the Lee on Solent ParkRun across the front and back. Deffo worth a visit