Portsmouth week 4

It’s been a few weeks since I posted here, laziness more than anything but there were also a few issues that needed sorting out before passing any comment on them. Thankfully everything is now sorted and things are running smoothly again.
So, week 4. Lots happened this week, most of it centred around an unregistered player. We all know what happened by now and it’s dealt with so there’s no need to dwell on it here. On the pitch the Black team played out a hard fought game with the Reds eventually triumphing 10 - 7 but it was very close. Whites came up against a resilient Blues and also had to work hard before getting an 8 - 4 win. The match that had everyone talking was Purples v Yellows. Purples fielded a new player and he helped them to a convincing 15 - 6 win. I don’t know if he scored any goals or assisted any but he looked like a very good addition to a very good side. So all was well but as the players came off the pitch the question was asked. Who is he? When did he register? So we checked then double checked then triple checked with HO that maybe he had registered but there was some miscommunication between us, or the timing was just off and he registered but played before being allocated a team but unfortunately it turned out that his name was never heard at HO. He was an illegal player so the rule book was pondered over, it is quite clear and so the Yellows were awarded a win and points were deducted from Purples. This was their first league defeat and it stung as they showed the week after :woozy_face:.
On the scales there were only a few that lost over 1kg this week. Mac Doyle of Blacks is way out in front with a massive 2.7kg loss. He was followed by Reds man Sean Montague with a magical 2.4kg off. Blues new boy Mark Bannon had a pleasing 1.8kg loss in his first week and James Peasley shows up for Whites after losing 1.3kg. Bringing up the rear (but wayyyyyyy ahead of everyone else) is Yellows own golden wonder, Will Perry, who lost another 1kg this week. We are all here to lose weight so those of you who did lose but don’t get a mention have done the job and well done to all of you. Disappointingly though there were many players who put on this week, out of 36 that finally weighed in, 17 of us put on! You pay your money, it’s up to you but guys, come on, we can do much better than this. I can understand a few people putting on, that’s inevitable, but almost 50% of us? I don’t want to sound like I’m nagging you though so I’ll leave it there.