Portsmouth week 5



It’s been a while since anything was posted about the Portsmouth league, so here goes. We’re now in week 5 and the league is shaping up to look like the Purple team are clear favourites to win. Despite a couple of close results recently they found form again on Monday and thrashed 2nd place whites 27 - 5. This gave both Blues and Blacks a chance to close the gap, which both teams took. Blues won 15 - 3 against Reds and Blacks overcame Yellows by a score of 16 - 4. I can’t comment much on the games themselves as I didn’t see them (except my team, Blacks, but it would be unfair to comment on one game only).
Purples currently lead the table by 2 points but Whites, Blacks and Blues are looking for them to slip up so they can take advantage. The bottom looks like a slug out between Reds and Yellows but Yellows ran the Purples close a few weeks ago, maybe next time they will get that little bit of luck they need.

On to weight loss, newcomer Robert Newman is leading the way with an 8% total loss already, this in just 5 weeks! Whatever he’s doing, I wish we could all do it. Second is Ryan Farley with 4.17% off and not far behind is Jamie Davies on 3.69%. Several people climbed up 3 places this week due to Phil Knowler (that’s me) putting on way too much in one week and dropping out of the top 10. Ashley Rimmer, Olly Saunders, James Peasley all took advantage. Dan Brennan has come out of nowhere to claim 7th place currently. Joe Brown entered at 8th, Callum Richards had a disappointing week and dropped 7 places to 9th whilst Luke Diaper also dropped a few places and he is now 10th. Also dropping out of the top 10 was Daniel Todd. So the Top Scorers table is chopping and changing behind Rob, can anyone catch him?

We’ll have to wait and see.