Portsmouth Week 6



This has been written before the MvF Portsmouth page is updated.

Wow! What a night that was! Second and third placed Whites and Blues both lost leaving Purples to go even further clear at the top of the table. Yellows eventually get their season off to a start with a deserved win and Sean Mason finally gets his first league win in 4 seasons! Surely that deserves a mention?

The first game of the night was a very close fought affair between two evenly matched teams with Blacks finally edging out the Whites in a low scoring 6 -4 win. James Peasley scored and absolute belter of a goal when he smashed a shot into the top corner of the goal leaving keeper Dan Brennan rooted to the spot. Brennan could do nothing about that one but he made several excellent saves to keep his side ahead throughout the match.

This was closely followed by a pretty one sided affair where Purples demolished a poor Reds side by a score of 16 - 1. It’s impossible to pick out one player from the Purples to praise so all I can say is, as a team, fantastic play lads. Reds player Jamie Davis was unlucky on several occasions with shots that looked goal bound only to see a foot or knee deflect it wide. The Reds will certainly be stinging from that score so their next opponents better watch out as they will want to wipe that result from their memories.

The final match saw Yellows gain their first win of the season against Blues and deservedly so. Blues player Darren Aylward hit two cracking shots into the corner of the net to help his team into a 4 - 1 lead but the game turned when Jake Harris came out of the Yellows goal and he turned the game round by scoring several goals and helping his side to an impressive 11 - 7 victory.

On the scales there were plenty of encouraging signs for many players. The biggest loser on the night is Reds player Jamie Davis with an impressive 1.9kg loss. Keep that going Jamie and let the other lads know what you did (or didn’t do). Phil Knowler also had a good week losing 1.6kg (this was witnessed by Ollie before any of you call ‘Fix’). Fellow Backs player Gareth Ireson can be very happy with a 1.5kg loss over a week, as can Yellows player Lawrence Ball who lost 1.3kg. Blues Ryan Farley lost 1.1kg and two Purples players, Callum Richards and Mark Game both lost 1kg. To all those players I say well done, what a fantastic week you have had. It shows the commitment and desire you have to lose weight, we all know it isn’t easy but you did it and if you keep that self motivation up there is no reason you can’t do the same again. There were many players on .8 or .9 loss but too many to mention by name here.

But, if you want to get your name in the write up, get the bragging rights over your team mates, show off to your family and friends that you can do it, WHATS STOPPING YOU?


Heya! Just enquiring really, I’ve learnt about “manvsfat” from an advert I saw and after a search and seeing you have a location in Portsmouth was great! I’m very eager to join and have set up an account, am currently waiting to sign/pay up till I know what the process is, as in once I pay can I just turn up, what kit will I need in the case if studs or Astro boots, actually football kit, that kind of thing, and just looking to be put forward into the right direction,
Kind regards


Dominic, hello. Once you have registered and been told what night you start you will be told what colour top you need to wear. Shin pads are a must, you cannot play without them as per FA rules but as for shorts/socks etc, it is up to you. Some lads play in trackies. some in shorts. All the rules will be explained to you when you start (basically, usual 5 a side rules).
The venue stipulates that only astro trainers or moulded studs should be worn. No blades or metal studs. I have seen people turn up with normal trainers or even running shoes, they won’t offer much protection if a stud hits the top of your foot, and in football this can happen :grimacing: .
You’ll be welcomed mate so get your registration sorted and get yourself down there.


Good to meet you last night mate, hope you enjoyed it. If you have any question ask in your teams Wassap group, your team will help you out. Also make sure you get added to the main group as well, all teams are in that one.

Well done for making the first steps mate, we’ll do what we can but ultimately it is down to you.