Portsmouth week 7

So we’re back after the long Christmas break. And some of you had a ‘good’ Christmas, some of you had a good Christmas. Coming back much lighter than they were are Luke Brison, 2.4kg down. Thomas West, 2kg off. Carl Witts lost a great 1.7kg. Billy Ryder and Mark Dalgleish both lose 1.5kg. For a two week break with all that lovely food and drink around that is some amazing self control lads, you deserve a massive pat on the back so well done. There are several people bubbling just under but not quite enough to get a mention. Now is the time to re-focus on your weight loss goals, your reasons for wanting to lose weight, your motivation to actually do it, and get it done.

On to the nights football. Once again, apologies for missing the last session and the lack of write up. This week isn’t going to be much better despite me being there watching (well, most of the time fetching lost footballs and talking about the 11 a side!).
Purple 10 v 12 Black - a close game that could have gone either way, I think the Purples missed Leslie Buck at the back as they fell to a close 8 - 10 pitch loss. I did see Dan Brennan make at least one fantastic save but I believe he made a few, as did Dan Brown at the other end. Which proves that a decent goalie is half the battle as this game could easily have ended 16 - 16. MoM is Luke Brison
Yellow 14 v 2 Red - the Yellows did well to bounce back from their recent first defeat of the season against a Reds side who put up yet another brave performance, a lack of a goalkeeper and a lack of fitness being their downfall again in a 4 - 12 pitch result. Once more, MoM was Paul Wingate
Blue 11 v 7 White - the Whites were missing several key players and were made to pay by a resilient Blues side who won 8 - 4 on the pitch. Curtis Vickers did most of the damage to earn himself the MoM award for the night.

On the scales the Whites are still leading the way but their lead is being slowly cut down. A few weeks ago they had 7 players in the top 10, this week they only have 3 players there. With several of the team not weighing in this week that might be the reason why but it has given everyone else the chance to sneak up on them. For the other teams it is looking good, Luke Brison (black) is leading the way and is currently sitting on a 4.04% total loss, well on his way to 5%. Not far behind, and just one or two good results from catching him, is Billy Ryder (purple) who so far this season has lost 3.11% so far this season. Chasing those two are Tom West (black) with 2.71% gone, Matthew Cook (white) with 2.61% off so far and Will Perry (yellow), last years top loser currently on 2.31% gone. Mike Holmes (white) is very close with 2.15%, and Mark Dalgleish (blue) who currently sits minus 2.01% of his starting weight. Any of these guys could take the title of ManvFat Portsmouth Biggest Loser this season, but there is still time for you to get in there too. IF you really want it.

Meeting - once again it didn’t happen. We were going to discuss what you can do to ‘get back to it’ after the break.

Eat more fruit and vegetable portions every day – this is a simple yet highly effective New Year’s resolution that could really boost your day-to-day health. Try to eat the recommended portions of fruit and vegetables each day to keep your body energised with nutrients, vitamins and minerals.
Join a gym or health club – you have shown that you really want to fight the flab, you have joined us at ManvFat!, But joining another gym or health club could be ideal for burning more fat and improving your body shape. Just don’t over do it.
Cut down on your daily salt intake – high salt consumption can lead to a variety of health problems, including raised blood pressure and heart disease. As a result, there really is no need to make every meal taste like the Dead Sea.
Try a new sports activity – if you want to boost your fitness levels but feel the gym isn’t right for you, a new sports activity could provide a fun yet fit alternative. With clubs offering everything from karate classes through to skydiving tutorials, it could be time to get sporty and enjoy a healthier future!
Curb your drinking habits – as all those festive hangovers may have hinted, heavy alcohol consumption can entail serious health consequences, with long-term implications including weight gain, depression, chronic sickness, and an empty wallet! Whilst the odd social drink is perfectly acceptable, it might be time to reassess things if you frequently binge drink. So curb your alcohol intake today and you may just save more than a little money in the process.
Broaden your knowledge – whilst it’s important to maintain your physical fitness, it’s equally vital to exercise your mind if you want to enjoy a healthy and happy life. If you feel you don’t always maximise your brain power, why not take part in evening classes (or even further education) to broaden your knowledge and offer a work-out to those sleeping brain cells?
Spend more time with your family – another way of boosting your mental wellbeing is to enjoy more family-friendly activities. Whether playing a board game, day tripping or cooking with the kids, a supportive family environment will make you appreciate the simple pleasures in life more readily. So think twice before saying yes to that overtime and enjoy some quality family fun instead!

Whether you’re a complete fitness beginner or seasoned health lover, coming up with a list of active New Year’s resolutions needn’t be tough. Rather than being a chore, these resolutions should inspire you by opening your mind to new experiences. So this new year, revitalise your mind and body with some lifestyle changes large and small. It could be the dawning of a new you!