Portsmouth week...whatever it is.10, or 11?



Whatever week it was, it was a hard week for many of us. These bank holidays don’t do some players any favours, I think a lot of us think we can ‘relax’ in the first week off and catch up on the second week. It doesn’t work lads. IT DOESN’T WORK. There were some disappointing results on the scales, it is you who are doing this to yourselves, it does take hard work and dedication to lose weight but the results can be amazing. Look through some of the Case Studies at the top of the home page and find out how peoples lives have changed when they have lost just 5% of their start weight. There is no reason it can’t be you and all the tools you need to help you on the way are here on the MvF website. Anyway, you’re not here to get a bollocking, you don’t pay to hear how bad things are, you pay to get motivation, help and encouragement (and the piss taken by the other lads). So lets try.

It’s not all doom and gloom, there were also some HUGE losses last night. Blacks are top of the Scale League and with Gareth Ireson and Chris Haines both losing 4kg they look like staying there. The purples Leslie Buck came in with a tremendous 3.5k loss and Ryan Farley of the Blues lost a fantastic 2.8kg. Garry Banks (yellows) lost 2kg, James Mudie (blues) lost 1.4kg just pipping John Hookey (Whites) and Harvey Thomas (blues) who both lost 1.3kg. Leader of the Top Scorer board is still Rob Newman with another 1kg off and last years biggest loser, Tom Healey, lost another 1kg too. Several players were just under 1kg loss but as you know by now, you need to lose that much to get a mention here. Sadly, no one from the Reds team is mentioned today, that is because none of them lost weight (they did also have two newbies though) and also, very important, only one of them filled in their trackers. On that note I have noticed that a lot of payers don’t bother with them. 15 players failed to fill them in this week, each player cost their team 1 goal ( I think, can’t quite work out the ruling on that but I always assumed it was 1 goal although I stand to be corrected). The manager does record who has and who hasn’t, there are a few teams team last night who had only one person fill theirs in. However, two teams had 100%.

On the pitch last night the games went pretty much as predicted. First up was Reds v Blacks. Bottom of the table reds put up a good fight but were eventually overcome 5 - 12 although the game was a lot closer than that. Next up was Whites v Yellows. Due to injuries and work commitments the Yellows are struggling to field even 6 players and last night was no exception. They eventually went down 13 - 5 on the pitch. With a full team they might well get a few wins under their belt as they do have some good players. The final game was Purples v Blues. Blues were one of the top teams until a recent dip in form which has seen them drop down the table, however no one would have expected a 24 - 2 win for Purples who really are storming their way to the title.

Trying to end on a positive note, we are back to weekly weighs in for a few weeks. Maybe those bank holiday blues will be banished and we can get on to some serious weight loss. We need to.


No, I got that wrong lol. If books aren’t filled in the penalties are as follows:
1 - 3 players = 1 goal
4 - 6 players = 2 goals
7+ players = 3 goals