Portsmouths final week - Purples win the double

That’s that season over. First of all HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Double Winners, the Purples.
After the mix up of teams left them looking strong with some big hitters such as Callum Richards, Joe Brown, Luke Diaper and Les Brown in their side, it proved to be so with an opening fixture win of 24 - 4 setting the bar. The only blip on their season was an 8 - 8 draw with Whites in the final game of the season, well after they had won the title but otherwise they hit double figures in every match they played, scoring 20 or more goals in half of their matches. What a phenomenal side they are and will be if they manage to keep together next season. Saying that, a couple of new players in other sides on Monday night showed they both have a bit of footballing brain about them, with a bit of fitness (which will come as the season goes on) and maybe another new addition or two, several other teams will be looking to get revenge on the Purples. The new season already looks exciting! Second placed Whites looked to be able to challenge after winning their first 4 games but injury to captain Morgan Collis saw them lose for the first time in game 5 and then again in game 6 to end their hopes of winning the title. Blacks came third and if it weren’t for 3 losses in 4 at the start of the season they also might have had a say in the final challenge but despite dozens of goals from Mac Doyle they were never quite in the running. 4th place went to Blues who started off like a train on fire with 27 goals in the first two games but they petered out after that with some indifferent results in games they, on paper, should have won. Behind them are the Red team with everyones favourite football player, Nathan Brown, leading the line. In fact, I can’t remember him scoring but hey, he’s there, and he tries. Despite only 1 win in the first 8 games the Reds rallied towards the end and finished with 2 wins out of 2 in the final two games, a new player or two will make a big difference to them. Wooden spoonists are Yellows. A mid season player crisis saw the league work out a loan system for them to cover injuries but in the end they never needed it. They have some good players in their side but could never settle down with a regular 4 or 5 but if the likes of Ashley Rimmer, Scott Watt, Garry Banks, Tom Healey and Sean Mason, who, incidentally, won his first game in four season when Yellows beat Blues in the middle of the season (the only win he’s ever had at MvF) can get some self belief and maybe one other decent player, they could also be challenging next season.

The finals night produced a couple of surprises. First game up was Reds v Yellows. I said earlier that Sean Mason has only ever won one match at MvF, well now we can call it two. Despite a screamer of a goal from Reds Captain Jamie Davies it was Yellows who eventually won a topsy turvy game by a score of 8 - 6. Middle game was a cracker between Whites & Blues. Whites should have expected to win after two league wins but 4 goals from goalkeeper John Hookey, having a rare outing on pitch, 1 each from Morgan Collis and Rob Newman and a wonderful half volley from half way by James Peasley which whizzed past the Blues goalkeeper were not enough! Blues responded with 9 goals, 3 from new lad Neil Remnant who must have enjoyed his first game, to win 9 - 7. The eagerly anticipated final was between Blacks and Purples. Blacks were dealt a blow when one players dad was taken ill shortly before kickoff leaving them with the bare 6 but they were still confident of winning the cup and stopping the Purples from doing the double. How wrong they were! Purples sat deep in the first few minutes and allowed Blacks to advance and get out of shape, as soon as there was a gap in defence they exploited it and raced into a 3 goal lead after 5 minutes. Black rallied, kept their shape and got two back but again they rushed forward looking for an equaliser and left gaps for Purples to exploit. The final score of 16 - 5 tells it’s own story. I tried to get a list of scorers from Purples but they kept arguing about it so I’m going to give all 16 goals to Dan Brown (sort that out yourselves lol).

Naaah, I think Callum got 3, Luke 4, Les 4, Joe 4 and Stu 1 But I also remember an own goal in there somewhere. That doesn’t add up though so someones fibbing.

The nights weight loss went very well compared to recent weeks. The Purples team had a bumper night, 3 players getting a mention tonight. It must have been determination to get the best results they can to add to the on pitch score in the final that motivated them. Biggest loser overall is Les Buck, the Purples Captain leading by example with a massive 2.4kg loss. He was very closely followed by team mate Stuart Cooper who lost 2.3kg. And Luke Diaper, also off Purples didn’t let the side down with is 2.2kg loss. That is fantastic going Purples, and it shows that if you want to do it, you can. Blues man Harvey Thomas also got a fantastic 2.2kg loss to help his team and Yellows Scott Watt also got 2kg off. The only Blacks player to get a mention this week is another Captain leading by example but unfortunately Phil Knowlers 1.8kg loss didn’t help his side at all. Another Yellows man in the list is Lawrence Ball. After taking several weeks off and coming back much heavier than he was when he left, Lawrence has taken back to things and a creditable 1.6kg off to add to previous weeks losses and we are seeing a difference in him already. And a much happier man too! The 8th player to get a mention this week is Reds Steve Pratt with a wonderful 1.1kg off. If those people can do it, you can too. Believe in yourselves, have faith in what you are doing and want it. You will get it.

No lecture from me about nutrition or exercise or portion sizes this week, they will come soon though lol. I want to keep this post as positive as I can so to end with we’ll have a look at the biggest losers over the season. Top of the board, although no longer officially here is Ryan Farley. When he left to go to work in Oxford two weeks ago had had lost over 11% of his original weigh in. Add that to the 5% he lost last season and you can see that MvF works if you want it to. Our official BIGGEST LOSER this season is Rob Newman. Rob has been top of the leaderboard all season and although I am sure he will be disappointed not to get to his 10% in the final weigh in, to lose 8.99% over 14 weeks is outstanding. Quietly going about his business and slimming down is Dan Todd, with another outstanding loss of 6.8%. Dan is one of the guys who come for an extra game of football every week and you can see from this result that it is helping. Jamie Davies, Captain of Reds and in his first season, has lost an incredible 4.74% of his body weight and is doing what all leaders should do, lead by example. Whites goalkeeper John Hookey has shown that you don’t have to run around like a loony to lose weight, just be sensible about what goes in and do enough exercise and you too could lose over 3% of your body weight. If everyone did just that we would have a very successful league. Top Purples player is Callum Richards. Due to work commitments it looks like he might have to leave us soon but if he does go, he is 6.84% lighter than he was just three months ago. Hopefully he’ll find a way to keep up that rate of weight loss. Robin Healey of Yellows comes in with 5.15% gone, like his son Tom last season he stuck at it and it’s working for him. Also on the top 10 leaderboard and also with 5.15% off, and another Captain showing the way, is Phil Knowler of Blacks. Phil led his Yellows team to the Weight Loss winners medal last season and has done the same with his Blacks side this season. Will he make it a hat trick next time round? Dan Brennan of Blacks, and Martin McGurk also of Blacks, are both on the top 10 leaderboard but neither quite reached their 5% . Maybe next season eh? You know what to do, you have shown you can do it, just keep going. Disappointingly, there are no Blues on this list. Come on boys, what are you here for? I want to see you challenging for the first person to get 5% then 10% next season.

So. On to next season. Looking at the quality of the new players and the way some of the old ones have suddenly found new motivation, I can’t wait.