Portway week 5 half way through league

Some really positive news to start the forum post this week Ivory Toast and Porky blinders who are level top of the overall league are in the +kg lost for the season. Ivory toast as cumulative from when we started end of February are 12.8kg lighter now than then and Porky blinders are 10.7kg as a team lighter now than end of February. Brilliant achievements considering the March - August periods we have had.

One of the big talking points this week in WhatsApp chats with players and in the scales room behind our masks was increasing exercise and now with the next two cup week I have included a challenge for you all to rate your perception of your exercise workout effort this way you can try and better it the next time

3 exercise sessions in the week by a player complete with an RTE ( rate of exertion) each time.

The bonus scoring will work the same as tracking and in addition to tracking.
3 player do 3 exercises is 1 goal
6 players do 3 exercises is 2 goal
7+ players do 3 exercises is 3 goals.
The idea of rate of exertion is be honest and then try to increase it. So if you do half hour exercise but feels like 50% effort next time do 75%Then up it. Exercise can be good for mental health but also for burning calories but the more effort we put in the more calories burn and will see result on the scales over a period of time.

For some of you this might be no more exercise sessions than normal but just an opportunity to stop and record an exertion score against it to see if you could do more. In some instances we can’t we might be exercising with an injury but start to log that too as can build up a history of what works for you and what levels you are able to put in. My 9/10 might be someone else’s 7/10 it’s your own perception of the workout you had.

Cup fixtures week 1 2nd October
8.10 Bayern munchies v inter losing weight
8.40 snackrington v ivory toast
9.10 real madras v porky blinders

Cup week 2 9th October
8.10 ivory toast v Bayern munchies
8.40 snackrington v real madras
9.10 inter losing weight v porky blinders

A reminder on covid rules.
Fill in your self assessment.
Keep track of local guidelines.
Wear face mask to weigh in
Social distance where possible when not playing.
Pick up and clear your own litter away, no chewing gum.
No handshakes.
No swapping of goalie gloves.

Well done this week to lee wainwright of porky blinders who achieved his 5% tonight he came back after lockdown with a loss and continued his progress.

Weight loss team of the week

  1. Phil round 4kg loss
  2. jason Ellis 3.4kg loss
  3. Shaun Armstrong 3.4kg loss
  4. Jaydon Hadley 2.5kg loss
  5. Matthew Maries 2kg loss
  6. Paul Gouldingay 2kg loss
  7. ash Cockbill 2kg loss

Well done all some great achievement

For those of you interested there is an 11s competition next year oldbury league is entered in it and in a group with Birmingham ctc, lode Heath league and kidderminster league it’s a group where everyone plays 8 games and then there is progression through to next round. If interested let me know and we can get list of players together officially.

With regards to the weight loss pairs the top 8 pairs going into the knockout stages are

Nath and Jaydon with 13.5kg loss since return
Neil H and ade w h with a combined 8kg loss

Mark and Chris p with a combined 7kg
Ben and Gareth with a combined 7kg loss

Mike m and Kev r with a combined 6.8kg loss
Neil S and Dan C with a combined 7.8kg loss

Sean d and Kieran h with a combined 10.4kg loss since return
Tom B and Matt M with a combined 10.4kg loss since return

Quarter final of weight loss pairs is weight lost in the next two cup weeks combined so a double header

Captains shout outs for the week

Jase for the munchies off the pitch with his great weight loss of 3.4kg and Jon and ash on the pitch played really really well

Everyone for toast played well rob was bit disappointed as put on a little but made up for it with runs down the line all played well

MOM for porkies was Lee for his continued weight loss and 5% with a solid defensive performance. Shout out to Mike for great weight loss too and improving performances on the pitch

Player of the week for Snackers is Dan Cox. Consistent on and off the pitch.

For madras team effort everywhere. Solid defence and a nice few goals. And most important whole team lost all round

Inter losing weight great first loss back for Phil round