Portway week 6 cup week 1

Welcome to the league to Andrew Horton who played his first game tonight for real madras

Well done to Kieran Waldron first game back tonight and achieved his 5% following weighing back in lighter than pre lockdown :clap::clap:

Perceived rate of exertion was the challenge this week and some positive feedback as started to get some players out and about on exercise more and making the next workout more productive than the last one.

Coaches bonus goals still apply next week for filling in rate of exertion in your exercise tracking.

Weight loss team of the week

  1. Kieran Waldron 5.5kg loss since last weigh in pre lockdown
  2. Shaun Armstrong 2.6kg loss
  3. Robert smith 2.2kg loss
  4. rob baker 2.2kg loss
  5. Paul rainbow 1.5 Kg loss
  6. ash Cockbill 1.4kg loss
  7. Barry Purewal 1.2kg loss

In the pairs knockout we have another week in the double header to secure place in semi final

Well done to all on the top 10
Chart some great progress with some 5%s and some approaching 5%s