Post Your Before Pics

We’ve talked a lot before about the importance of before pics but I wanted to start a thread to see if anyone wanted to post their before pics here. There’s nothing like public accountability after all and it’s true that the more the photo you take horrifies you the happier you will be to have it in the months to come.

And that’s really all we’re talking about - months. It doesn’t matter how much you have to lose, a focused effort for a period of months will see you feeling better, living healthier and - chances are - being happier than you are at this point.

What have you got to lose?


Here’s one of my before pictures that I look at and wonder what the hell I was doing to myself.


I cant find the before pic by itself, but as you can see on the left hand side, i let myself get in a terrible state not too long ago… and this is coming from someone who had all the tools and had always been in great shape

Had i not come across the MVF community, id still be there or probably worse

Its funny what the mind can do, regardless of the resources you have

This community is truly a life saver


Jan 8th 2016…ugh
***I guess it was taken 12/28/2015…but the work didn’t start getting done until jan 8th. So glad I’ve done the work though. Also, forever grateful for this community


This was just over a year ago! Wish I’d taken some top less ones to be honest!



This is me back in August when I joined here


This is really scary for me, as I know my body is freakish lol. Still this is me now on 02/01/2017, at 19st 13lbs (279lbs).


On the left is me July 2015. 17 Stone and generally a bit porky.

On the right is me in December 2016, having found my Wigan shirt after some clothes sorting. I thought I would recreate this pic, as I hated it at the time. It’s a 2XL rugby shirt so not exactly Lycra fitting.

2 stone loss has made a hell of a difference, but it’s just the start. I hopefully want to lose another 2 stone, to get me to 13 stone and very close to my BMI ideal weight for my height.


Apologies for the offensive images…I’m working on rectifying the issue!

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Me a week ago. 22 stone and an awful lot to do :frowning:

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This was me on the 1st of November when I started in here - 300lbs exactly.

I have since lost just under 30lbs with lots more to go!


Kept the obscene level of paleness.


Ugh, this is painful to post. Luckily there is an after now :slight_smile:.

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