Poverty calories suck, eat more so you can stick to it!

Just wanted to FINALLY put this out there in its proper context as it comes up over & over again in the threads,

Almost everyone tries to dive straight into the tiniest amount of calories possible & always somehow finds a way to justify why ‘they’re different and need much less calories then most people’

This is a real thing once in a blue moon… an older, petite woman who doesn’t move much or someone with metabolic syndrome/thyroid issues (energy in v out still applies, just means you need even less, which is sucky but true)

Now, what I see happening all the time is people in the overweight, very overweight & dangerously overweight areas dropping down to super low levels of calories & convincing themselves their bodies use the same amount of someone half their weight… this is almost never, ever the case guys (except for a few medical instances as pointed out above = metabolic syndrome/thyroid issues, if this applies to you, ignore this, you have a valid reason for needing lower calories than normal)

To get to the stage where we find ourselves 50, 100, 150lb etc overweight, we all know why, it’s because our energy balance has swung massively to the wrong side of the wheel & spends most of it’s time there & we don’t end up in this place by eating the same amount of calories as someone half our weight, that’s not how the science works (medical metabolic issues aside)

I can’t tell you how many people have come to me weighing 50-100lbs overweight & saying they can’t lose weight on 1500 calories, then manage to drop fat perfectly on when we up their calorie intake by an extra 500, 1000 or sometimes even 1500 more calories,

So why would somebody not lose weight on x number of calories but when we double it they do?

A few factors…

Factor 1:

They’re eating so little calories that they can’t function properly, they move less, walk less, fidget less, always tired & lethargic (we all know that sitting infront of the TV too tired to move feeling when in the depths of a diet), meaning their daily movements which used to burn say… 3000 calories has slowed down so much that they now only burn 1500 (their TDEE – total daily energy expenditure) which basically wiped out their calorie deficit through diet, meaning someone eating only…say 1500 calories is now eating at their maintenance & not ina massive deficit like they though.

Summary, moving requires energy/calories… moving MUCH MUCH MUCH less = your body needs MUCH MUCH less calories

Factor 2:

You could be losing weight in a reasonable deficit, & if you manage your food quality & hunger well, you’ll barely notice that you’re dieting, which means you won’t hate life & can stick to your diet for the long term, but if you’ve drastically dropped calories to super low levels, life will basically suck balls, you’ll be constantly hungry, irritable, moody, tempted to throw anything you see in your mouth & probably won’t stick this plan that you hate for very long

To add to that, this almost always triggers binges, for some people this can be every weekend & can wipe out the deficit they’ve created for the entire week, putting them back to zero

(many people confuse the 2 above factors with the mythical ‘starvation mode’ which doesn’t exist… go look at images of 3rd world countries, prisoners of war etc etc… the mythical ‘starvation move’ simply means one or BOTH of the above factors is happening. If you don’t eat enough calories to maintain your bodymass, your body will shed itself to lower it’s energy needs for survival)

There’s a time & a place for rapid fat loss, but these are the rare occasion & should be for a very short period of time, you need to prepare for them & you need an exit plan

Here’s what you want to be trying to achieve if you’re in this for the long game…… losing your target body-fat (or close to it) whilst eating as much food as possible to not feel constantly hungry & feeling like shit… this is that sweet spot that causes long term success (you’ll even need to take a few weeks off – diet breaks every now & then if you’re in this for the long game)

Would you rather:

A lose 5/6lbs per week for 3 weeks, crash & burn, staying in the vicious circle of trying to lose than same 10lbs over & over again via crash diets that you can’t stick to?


B lose 1,2,3lbs per week for 6-12 weeks, then a 2 week break to give your body, mind & hormones a chance to recover, & keep repeating the simple process that you can stick to?


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