Praise for Body Coach and Motivation

Hello guys, have been using Man V Fat for a few years off and on. I started the Body Coach exercise and diet plan on 7th September and have lost 2 stone. I’d lost one previous to starting it. I was 124.8kg in March and so have now lost 3 stone. I’m now 105kg and more importantly I’ve lost 8% body fat.

The Body Coach plan is hard work, don’t get me wrong. I’m still aching a little from the Cycle 3 routine I did last night and food prep is very important. The food is great, particularly in Cycle 1 & 3 and full of foods for fussy eaters - pizza, bacon bagels, burgers… For those wanting a positive plan to try, diet only never works for me and most of us long term - there has to be exercise.

I’m now stronger and fitter than at anytime since leaving London in 2008. I ran my fastest mile this week, loads of new PBs on Strava - like loads, especially hills.

Stuck in a rut? give it a go. I’m now the lightest I’ve been for 14 years and know I have 2 stone more to go, but know I’ll get there.

Welcome to the forum Joe wicks :wink: