Probably the best website (and action) in the world ever

Open letter to management…

@DanChurch_RM @emma1 @admin

I doubt you will even see this message or even even care about it but…

can you not see how such a vibrant community has died? All for the blame of COVID 19!!! I live in China, I have seen it from the very beginning… I have been to England and back since… I have never seen such poor excuses for anything dying.

Sort yourselves out!

If you don’t know how too… Let me do it. I can get this website firing again within a week.

@Steve_Green @Greenballs @Adrian @maxnas

Covid has very little to do with the decline of this part of Manvfat. That started when they intrduced Manvfat Football and despite the message that the football was secondary etc, you ended up with idiots who had been members for 2 months telling people “the clue is in the name”. Or being told that suddenly standing around on the sideline after weighing in is compulsory despite the message that members are responsible for assessing their own capability (which would include not being able to stand for more than 10 ins at a time)
Unfortunately things have evolved away from the forum and site. There are other methods of keeping in contact that have proven better suited for members. The site isn’t dead iits just changed up a bit. What you need to do is find out how members are communicating now and join the conversation there.

No this forum is very dead. Even the previous owner has joined @maxnas 's group on Facebook.

Yes, I moan about spam, but at least you’ll get advice there if you need.

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Such a shame as a lot relied on it. They just left it for dead. All people wanted was someone to set up groups. Members offered to help with admin. This dan guy even spoke with members about helping in the forum and then disappeared. It’s finished now tbh.

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Interesting that we all still come back in check in here - you can’t buy that kind of brand loyalty (unless you’re Apple of course :joy:)

My guess is there isn’t too many marketeers in the company that bought ManvFat :joy::man_shrugging:

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I only came in cos I got an email about the tag. Other than that I hadn’t checked in ages. Few old heads coming back with nowhere to go unfortunately

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Yeah…I know I’m flogging a dead horse. Will leave you guys in peace from now on.

I checked the website one day and couldn’t even see a link for the forum.