Problems with StrongLifts app


This is worth knowing if you’re doing the StrongLifts 5x5 programme using the app.

Last week all my data disappeared before my eyes. One minute it was there, then it glitched and disappeared. 18 month’s worth of lifting.

I logged a support ticket, and as nice as they are, the best they could give me was “Sorry”.

They are working to establish the cause, but they recommended me to export my future data to spreadsheet in the meantime, so at least I have a record.

To me, this isn’t acceptable. If I have to export every workout to spreadsheet, then I may as well just use Google Sheets in the first place.

I’m trying out an app called Strong at the moment. It supports the StrongLifts programme, but also enables you to build your own.

Whatever you decide to do, at least make sure you’ve got a backup of your workout histories.