Protein Bars


Hi all,

Since starting MvF in Jan, I have made a lot of progress with my weight loss, including substituting different food and eating healthier.

Has anyone got particular protein bars they think is good or bad?

I have had carb killa, Asda branded ones, nature valley, eat natural and more recently… Snickers, Bounty and Mars. I am a chocolate lover, and I have cut down my usual intake of 1 chocolate a day. Instead, I have healthier chocolate snacks i.e. rice cakes and protein cereal bars.

Protein bars cost a lot as well!

Can I just ask, is it fair to say ‘all’ protein bars are good for you? I guess especially the Snickers, Bounty and Mars one?

Would be good to hear some thoughts on this.



keep it in context mate, there’s no good or bad foods… there’s just foods with a different variety & amount of nutrients (some with lots, some with little) protein bars are just a convenient way to hit your protein targets… basically a chocolate bar with added protein.

so depends on your lifestyle, the need for convenience & what you enjoy as far as taste etc


I saw some cheapish ones in B&M called “Aussie Bodies”, 25p for one bite wonder. Bought it to try as a one-off, quite dense and chewy.


Lidl did some decent ones, called Paleo Protein or similar. They were very chocolatey and dense, almost fudgey and they were only about 79p. Not sure if it was one of those things that appears once and then never again in that random middle aisle of crap though.

Other than that when I used to go to the gym I liked Grenade, Quest and Nutramino (who did nice fakey Bounties and Snickers before the Protein Snickers were out) but as you say, the problem is they’re so expensive and some (looking at you, Quest) have a very artificial taste.

Protein Pick n Mix ( is a good site for trying out different kinds. Plus they do protein cookies - if you order from there, get a Lenny & Larry’s snickerdoodle because they are genuinely amazing.


Oooh also Fulfil bars are quite nice.

Just having a browse of the site I mentioned, seems like everyone is jumping on the protein bandwagon - you can get protein M&Ms!


You really need to check the labels on them as some contain quite high calories and carbohydrate content.

Grenade ones are good but a bit sweet. The mybar zero by my protein is good but temperature dependent. Hit day like today and they’re too soft. Cold days in the winter and they’re too hard


Probably full of lard!


Just eat plenty of chicken & fish.

Looked at protein bars, think they are overpriced & possibly overated. :open_mouth:

Asda have Nature Valley bars on offer again at £1.50 a box, I like them anyway. :+1:


For the most part, I agree mate


Anybody got any recipes for low cal bars similar to trackers / fruisli bars etc?