Protein Porridge

In an effort to bump up my protein intake on low calorie days, I finally invested in some whey powder as an experiment. It gets me 27g of protein for every 30g of powder, and is quite low in calories.

Unsure of what to do with it, I tried this:

30g Porridge
10g PB2
10g Chocolate Whey Isolate
Fistful of blueberries

It’s bloody marvellous, and gives me:

16g Protein
39g Carbs (8g sugar)
3g Fat
229 Calories

Great stuff


My daily staple for years… so many options!

I dub them - ‘Proats’ :slight_smile:


60g oats
40g whey
150g greek yoghurt

This has been my staple meal for the last 3 months

50g protein

I’ll usually add some frozen fruit or some sort of chocolate mousse alongside too.


I’ve been having the oats with Yogurt for a while now. I had blended raspberries (frozen) and soak overnight.

Have tried substituting the yogurt for whey a couple of times but the flavours haven’t worked. May try again.

Still staring at the jar of PB2 I bought wondering what to do with it.

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I must be doing something wrong. I stirred some PHD whey through my porridge before cooking and the smell when it came out of the microwave was similar to that awful stench you get if you don’t wash your protein shaker out properly…!

I bought some pea protein in Holland and Barrett recently and stir that through my cooked porridge (30g oats, 1 tsp cocoa nibs, 2 tsp cocoa powder, 2 chopped dates and water). That seems to work a bit better. Any other ideas welcome though!

Yeah, don’t cook whey protein lol

I mix my oats + whey dry and then just put a bit of boiling water over them, it works fine.

If I have frozen fruit then I’ll also stick them in the microwave for 30 seconds but no longer as they just get spoiled!

Really? I use Bulk Powders Whey Isolate. I soaked the porridge, pb2, and powder overnight and cooked in microwave as normal. Smelled fine. Tasted delicious…

Have I done something wrong?

Frozen fruit -I add after the porridge is cooked (2-3 mins in microwave). Then stir and leave for 2 mins. Cools the porridge down brilliantly!

Yep as @maxnas said don’t try cooking whey protein. Proteins in general require careful cooking and there is a fine balance between getting it right and having something horrible. Think of the fine balance required when cooking a steak, a poached egg or an omelet. The PhD whey protein also contains soya protein, milk protein, flavourings and thickeners. Its been carefully blended to give a ‘pleasant’ tasting shake. All the extra bits won’t respond well to cooking.

Microwaves are a blunt tool when it comes to cooking anyway. Okay for porridge as it is very difficult to overcook it.

The approach of stirring in uncooked proteins into something hot is probably okay as the temperatures won’t be as high and the addition causes the mixture to cool. Though stick to simpler things. Whilst your pea protein doesn’t sound enticing to me, at least it contains just that.

Just bought the pea protein to try. Would ideally like to build in extra protein at earlier meals other than dinner. Most of the stuff I find has huge amounts of carbs in too. I’m only 5’8" and now 77kg, so my daily calorie amount to keep a deficit is down at 1400cals (@maxnas videos were great!).

Protein pancakes. After you add the egg whites the protein levels are through the roof. There are some good recipes on YouTube for protein stuff. Plus this

Bit of a lazy option, but works well for me - I use the MyProtein Porridge sachets adding an additional scoop of oats and use semi-skimmed milk - tastes great and gives me enough in the morning to not need anything until lunch!

Cook steel cut oats, add frozen blueberries, keep in fridge and eat all week. Take out a portion, add PB2 and some cashew milk and enjoy.

I overnight my oats, weigh it out, mix it together then stick it in an airtight pot overnight, ready to eat straight from the fridge in the morning.

60g oats
1 tbs Chia seed (extra fibre)
1 Scoop Whey (8 oz water)

396 cals (36 C, 9 F, 30 P, 9 Fibre)

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60g oats? How long does it take to eat that?

I have porridge every morning but not thought of adding protein mix. Is it good for loosing weight and how does it work?