Protein products. Any good?

So are protein products good for all when it comes to weight loss? Are they just for more advanced individuals?

Ask here and you’ll get a good honest answer

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yes, they are good supplement to build muscle, repair tissue and make enzymes and harmone, it also helps to lose weight .


Answer: there isn’t any. You’d be better off eating chicken breast than a protein chocolate bar, for example.

Weightloss is down to consuming fewer calories, not protein supplements.


I noticed morrisons was doin these wee protein pots. Lol when i realised it was just some chicken, luv the rebrand ha. Its cool tho if i need 2 get lunch on the go rather buy chicken bits then some tomatos n whateva, more then a readymade salad. Easier 2 track imo

If you are looking for food on the go,
I thought this was delicious for £1.50.
Only 132 calories.

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Looks decent that