PYG - Photograph Your Food


For those having not taken part in this already at one time or another the idea is very simple, you photograph everything you eat in a day and post it here. The idea is that this would be as normal a day as possible and you’re encouraged to eat the usual sort of stuff you eat. This is to replace the PYG Wednesday’s (which has been archived) in that now we want to see what food you guys eat every day!

The learning that can come out of this is really useful:

  • You can get an idea about how your portions compare to other’s
  • You get some pointers about other breakfasts, lunches and dinners that you could cook up
  • You see how your food compares - often this highlights things like missed meals (which you have to photograph as well) but sometimes it shows you that you’re doing good, it’s definitely not a case of picking on people for their food choices it is just to raise some awareness,

The aim is to post all of your meals from one day in one post so you can see an entire day’s intake (including snacks). You can take part once a week, as and when or everyday if you are up to it but we want to see what you guys are eating!!



How is it noone ever seems to post here?..or is it a secret?

Salad…with chicken breast cubes. Scottish smoked salmon with horseradish sauce. Cottage cheese.

Not in photo - vegetable juice containing kale, spinach, green apples, blueberries, rocket lettuce, ginger and turmeric.

Three-melon medley!


No secret - moving it away from having to be just one day for anyone to post any time :slight_smile:

Would be interesting to see what people are eating!


Ok…how come I’ve never seen anyone’s photograph!!! I could post a photo most days as they’re pretty much all planned and I leave home with them and don’t eat in evenings ever, which is a trend / habit I’ve inherited from my missus who’s fit andcskinny - and the kind of fact that could benefit readers too! …but I see no posts!!


Ah this post has just started so need to entice more to get involved - I archived all the old posts as a lot of them were empty - so we are to get this one started! Come on guys (and girls) let us know what your eating!!