Quantum, Exergy, Chimera and Endgame all launching today

Haha, as I write that it makes me see how far I fell short of my aim to give them sleek Bond names. Oh well - I just wanted to move them away from being individual groups as we really are all equal in the groups.

There are more spaces available so I’d like to ask you all that if there are guys who you’d like to invite or who you think would benefit from a free 30 day programme where over 80% lose weight then get it on your Facebook or Twitter account, email them, run into the streets and generally just tell people. Ta.

Good luck all the new teams. Personally, I think Team Quantum will ace it.

Could have used Spectre?

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Yes, I’m going to have to give auto-name generation some thought. I’m sure the internet has a list of vague, yet cool sounding words on it somewhere.

I hear urban dictionary is a good place to find vague yet cool sounding words.

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Well good luck to all the teams - but unless their is an element of final figure maniplulation by a certain person who gets all the figures sent to him - the team @admin is on can’t always win can it :smile:

So on that basis I am taking the opportunity to point out that the winner will be


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How very dare you! I’m a journalist, facts are sacred to me. Except when I’m writing for The Daily Mail, in which case they’re just potential nails of hatred that I can aim into the heart of anyone different.


Are you trying to tell me that not everything in the Daily Mail is true?!!?!?!?!?!


It’s all “true”.

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The winner will be TEAM ENDGAME. There’s no doubt about it.

Who was the winner of the one that’s just ended? I expect it was Team Emma…

Not all the figures are in @Rich so let’s just say we’re all winners and then vomit quietly into a discreet bowl.

As you will be making more groups in the future, how about:
All kind of Bond code words.

Don’t forget:


Here’s a picture of a Chimera, so now you all know which team is going to win… Just saying :slight_smile:

Wondering how the points system works.

Team Andy posted some mega numbers at the end, but only got 4/5 through.

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Well, @ChevalierTialys has created a rather wonderful spreadsheet so we should all be able to post our own results and if anyone is that way inclined they can generate some stats from it…

That way inclined, may as well call me Mr Statistics


80% of the time, statistics are correct every time!


How many milliions of times have I told you not to exaggerate?

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Come on lads… we all know it will be TEAM EXERGY that will be winning the current MVFIA run…

We are most definitely the biggest losers on here! :wink:

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I can see the spreadsheet and highlight a cell but what I type doesn’t appear there. Dunno why.