I seen this question this evening and really got me thinking

Wuld you rather fight 1 horse sized duck or 100 duck sized horses?



It’s THE burning question isn’t it.

I really, really dislike horses and I really, really like ducks so I think psychologically I’d be more given to want to fight the army of small horses.


All I’m thinking is that’s a lot of pancakes, spring onion and hoisin sauce or a shedload of freedom fries and garlic mushrooms we’re gonna need afterwards :bird::horse::fork_and_knife:


Have you had horse before? It’s horrible, like a haunted steak. BUT I reckon a smaller horse would be much juicier and probably more delicious. We could try it on a Shetland.


I’ve had horse in France. Thought it was okay but thankfully nothing to crave for. Worryingly it gave me the feeling have having tasted the same flavours before, but couldn’t place when.

I think the more delicate flavour your looking for would come from a younger rather than smaller animal. Goal! The horse equivalent to veal. :confused:

On The whole I would much prefer duck.


Ahhhhh veal… it’s been so long since I’ve had it :yum:
Even mentioning it in our house gets me treated like a war criminal!

Apologies for sending this thread off on a tangent @alanmonks2010


You could kick all the duck sized horses… piece of piss!


Can you imagine how terrifiying the quack would be of a horse sized duck… it would quack and peck you to death.

I could defeat 100 duck sized horses in 10 minutes


100 duck sized horses for sure. The thought of a horse sized duck is TERRIFYING


Yes but if you can train a horse to let you ride it, think what it would be lien to be in the back of a horse sized duck.