Rapid Weight Gain!

Hello guys. First time posting so forgive me if I’ve done something wrong.

Quick summary, I’ve shifted 55lbs already over the past 9months or so but struggle when it comes to “cheat days”.

I know I have a significant deficit each week and am struggling to work it why when I fall of a little - say one or two days of 3000kcal days of “non diet food” I find that my scales leap up 4-5lbs overnight and it takes a good couple of weeks to shift it back to where it was.

Super frustrating. Any advice or experiences shared appreciated!

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From experience, I’d say the key to ‘cheat’ days, if you feel the need to have them, is to only make them one day. Once they multiply they become damaging.

Yeah very true. Struggled to contain them to one day over Christmas and this past weekend at a big family get together. Tricky!

Apologies, remiss of me not to mention - well done on the 55lbs!

Forget Christmas, it’s gone. A few days there ain’t going to hurt. I put on over a stone last Christmas, but was pleased to manage it better and maintain weight over the festive period this year. These events always crop up, but you can afford the odd day if the rest of the time you’re doing the right things. I’m guessing you know the right things to be doing having lost that much!

Thanks mate. It’s a long road! Potentially it’s increased salt intake, party food etc a little alcohol, it’s frustrating to jump up so sharply but you’re right, consistency has to be the way to go and just get back into the routine of cooking and exercising and the scales can’t keep goi g upwards if I maintain this 10k Kcal defector each week.


No worries.

The only other thing that occurs to me is that you talk about diet and ‘non diet food’. One thing that made a difference for me is to try and shift my focus away from food - it used to govern my day. I’ve tried pretty much every diet out there and generally failed, but I see food as food now, rather than diet and non diet, and just focus on the calories and, as you say, creating a deficit.

I still eat whatever I want nowadays, but manage the quantities, either by having smaller portions or, for example, if we have a family meal coming up on Saturday evening, have a smaller intake day before that or go for a run in the afternoon. Doesn’t completely allow for it but it makes it more manageable.

Good advice thanks.

I feel your pain I’m exactly the same , often wondering if there is something wrong . It doesn’t come off straight away as well .

take a look at this…

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What do you mean by ‘non diet food’ mate?

A diet means the reduction of overall calories, meaning you can consume any foods whilst on a diet (personal issues depending),

Or are you refering to a specific diet with set foods?

PS - see post above ^^^

A binge is usually followed by a scale gain due to water and glycogen storage from the reintrocution of carbohydrates (1g of carb brings 3-4g of water with it, which show up on the scale)

But likewise, if you’ve gone back into a period of overconsuming your daily needs, you will gain bodyfat


Hello mate thanks for your input. Well, everyday for me is good lean meats, good fats and lots of veg. Basically everything and anything up to about 1700kcals but I steer away from processed foods and takeaways. I don’t drink often. “Non diet” foods I was referring to are really around Christmas indulgence. Puddings and sweets, cheese and crackers etc. This weekend it was Chinese takeout for the first time in about a year and a three course meal cooked by someone else to celebrate a birthday followed by cheese and cake. Homemade (by someone els) curry the night after. Pretty full on! Today it’s been eggs for brekkie, fish finger sandwich for lunch, ryvita and cottage cheese for dinner, plus protein shakes after my morning and evening workout and I’ve just come home from an hours Touch rugby. Tried to drink 3l of water too. Gritting my teeth to shift the weight! 232lbs now and 196lbs Target Weight.

This is superb and really makes a lot of sense given my high sodium and high carb weekends that I’ve had lately.

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Ok well keep in mind that you’d need to eat an additional 3500 calories for 1 single pound of fat per week,

If you’re having periods of exessive over binging then yes you could easiky be gaining some fat (but 3500 per 1lb remember)

But, if thats not the case and you’re having the occasional day or two with different types of food, you’re body flufids will fluctuate… alot!

Keep in mind, scale weigh doesnt always = fat :+1::blush:

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Thanks mate super helpful. Yeah I’m not going over by that much. 1700 regular days and then during Christmas and this weekend 2500-3500kcal so nothing close to gaining 5lbs of fat overnight.

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Cool, so just keep in mind that if your consistently doing 1700 mon-fri, and 3000 sat & sun,

Thats actually an averagevof almost 2100 for the week, so while you may not be gaining weight, you could easily eliminate the deficit needed to lose weight by having such ‘on & off’ days

I’d maybe instead look at total weekly calories, then you can adjust if you eat more on certain days

Yeah it’s not every week. It’s been two weekends like this in 4 months but each time the scales have lept afterwards.

This was last week;

22,749kcal burned

12,401kcal consumed

10,348kcal difference

But I didn’t lose a lb! Frustrating but I’m just keeping on keeping on and having faith the scales will reward me soon!

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How are you coming up with this number mate?

I’m wearing an Apple Watch given to me by my health insurance. These are the kcals it’s recording as resting and active kcals all the time I’m wearing it. It’s actually pretty useful! The consumer kcals I’m taking from MyFitnessPal.

Cool, so just be aware that these things are extremely inaccurate as far as measuring calories burned (good for tracking steps & all the other cool tech stuff)

It’ll be an average estimate of how many calories an ‘average’ man burns based on the average height/weight etc, against your movement,

The reality is we’re all extremely different, some people could burn 2000+ or – cals difference doing exactly the same activities.

You’re calorie difference would mean that you’ve lost 2.95 (lets ay 3)lbs last week, as there’s 3500 calories ion 1lb of fat.

Here’s what I’d do mate,

forget the calories burned tracking since there’s no way of accurately tracking it,

whatever your weekly activities are, just call that your ‘life’ or ‘baseline’

Then you can use your nutrition which is easer to track & adjust, as we can measure how much is going in vs your rate off loss

Whenever you’re stalling, you can then just adjust the nutrition or/& increase activity slightly

That being said, you could use the watch to make sure you activities are consistent week to week

even if 10k is wrong, it may only be 6k, but… if it’s always 10k (really 6k) at least it’s consistent, so you could also manipulate/change that

Hope this makes sense? 