Rapid Weight Gain!

Yeah totally, thank you, good advice. I’m taking the Apple Watch readings with a pinch of salt but like you said even if the number is out, week in week out they should be consistent to give me an idea of what Im doing. I’ll persevere with the nutritional intake and hope that these unusual spikes become less frequent. It’s so demoralising losing weight at 1-2lbs per week and then having one social occasion over 1-2 days when you allow yourself to enjoy it like everyone else and then clapping on 5lbs that takes just as long to shift all over again. Takes nearly 3 weeks to get back where I was and then theres another social occasion with family and Im back where I was all over again. Just gotta stick with it I think and accept that my losses are going to be slower than I’d hoped and my milestones wont happen as quickly anymore as the first 50lbs.

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you could look at a waist measurement also mate, as scale weight isn’t 100% reflective of fat loss/gain

Good idea. I’ve never done measurements and it seems like a good time to start.

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Update: 4 days later and 4lbs down. Stuck to my 1700kcals and upped my water intake to 3L a day and it seems to be shifting back to where I was initially. Can only assume I’ve been carrying extra water weight. Thanks for the advice and motivation people, feel back in the swing of it again now.

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This happens to me a lot. Just been away for 3 days with work. Ate at a deficit but I’m up 4.5 lbs on Sundays weight. Can feel puffiness in my face. I get this reaction with staying away or with dietry changes, particularly increased carbohydrate intake.

a big Chinese food dinner will throw 3 - 5 pounds on me almost right away; and I love Chinese take out. stay hydrated and stay the course!

Someone, correct me if I’m wrong here. But eating too much salt, and carbs can lead to water retention.

Maybe try to reduce the amount of salt your using? That’s always my trouble, too much salt/sugar.

Edit: Also, congrats on the 55lbs! I know the struggle, because I’ve only just gotten to 50 myself. Just remember, you can do this. That phrase has become almost a mantra to me.

It can indeed, but focusing on trying to lose water weight is missing the point if we’re trying to reduce body-fat

Total body-weight will fluctuate daily, it’s inevitable, it’s just something we need to accept & get used to, so we need to keep our focus away from daily total weight & keep it on reducing body-fat

trying to organize our life around trying to keep a daily stable weight (a mix of water, blood, glycogen stores, gut & gi tract content, fat, organs, bones etc) is a pointless effort that will only frustrate us

Well a week later and scales have started to shift again. I mixed all of the above advice to tailor what worked for me.

I admitted I’ve been snacking off my sons plate more than I had been accounting for.

I cut to 1550kcals.

I massively upped my vegetables. I think I’d been neglecting this and the fibre especially.

So I’ve been a lot more honest, mixed some cardio workouts with a couple of HIIT workouts and my usual Touch rugby and I’m down 3lb this week and the Body Fat has dropped too.

Honesty + Consistency I guess.

Thanks for keeping me honest gents!


Well bloody done mate, and keep in mind you wont lose week to week, so keep an eye on the longer trend :slight_smile:

I’m actually thinking about lowering my cal count to 1550 a day as well. I’m currently at 1600, and My weight loss is starting to steady out. But I’m already having a rough time at 1600, so lowering it further will be a big challenge.

I don’t think it will be impossible, but I think I’m going to have to start bringing in my greek yogurts to snack on during the day. And finding a way to up to lunch time protein intake.

Personally, I’m going to give it 2 weeks. If I’m still losing weight, then I won’t be doing this. If I’m not, then I’m going to cut back further.

Just know, your not alone sir!

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I’ve done the opposite and upped mine.
It isn’t about cutting all the time.
What are you gonna do when you plateau at 1550, then 1500, 1450… keep cutting until is dangerous?

It’s all about eating the maximum possible whilst still losing weight.

And this week it was 0.8kg in a week where I had over 2000 calories every day.

The beauty is that it means there is room to blitz it by dropping calories for a couple of weeks when I want to.

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I’m still somewhere between 1600-2000 depending on if its an exercise day or not right now and the weight is still decreasing albeit nowhere near as fast as the first 60lbs did. Right now, it’s 0.5-1.0lb a week but social occasions over the weekends have definitely slowed me down but I couldn’t have avoided them or been better during them to be honest, not without really making myself grumpy. I want to be fit, but I still want to be able to see friends and not be a complete sad sack.

I’m accepting of the fact that my 80lb target will be met, but it may take me longer than I’d planned but that’s ok. I’ll keep plugging away at it. I’ve been at this for a year now so well into the groove of nutrition + training and am not tempted by my previous vices and habits anymore.

Slowly slowly catchy monkey and all that…


Of course it will be slower now. There’s less to lose, even exercise will burn less calories for the same activity than it used to.

1lb a week is still decent.

Well done, mate, looks like you’ve got clarity on whats happening, why its happening & what to do

Amazing! 

how does that system work?

it’s an evolutionary mechanism, the body becoming more efficient in order to expend less energy. By default, you body will always preffer to use the minimum amount of energy required, so over time we become more efficient especially as we become better at performance :slight_smile:

Hi Chaps. I’ve just enrolled in manvfat (4weeks in now). Upto now i’ve lost 5.2kg which I think is 11lbs. My starting weight was 120.8kgs. As a starting point I have given myself 2000 calories a day & have consistently been under that by about 200 Cals a day. I’ve cut out the fizzy pop, biscuits & Chocolate bars I used to snack on at night whilst driving my truck. I realise this is no overnight fix but are there any foods which you could advise me on not to eat. Whilst i’m hitting my goal calorie wise I have noticed my carb intake outweighs my protein intake. Any help or advise would be great. I suppose I just need educating really. Many thanks.

Hello mate. I think it’s a really complex topic and one that others far more qualified than me can talk about in detail. For me, I started 9 months ago pretty much and those first three months were just about “changing habits” rather than concentrating on specific foods. I concentrated on staying within my calorie target and quickly found you can eat a lot more veg and lean meats than you can sausage rolls!

I tried really hard to be conscious that I should eat more protein but didn’t really understand at that stage why.

I think in truth if you can be within your Kcal target and cut out/back as much of the obviously bad food as you can then slowly but surely you’ll win.

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This ^^^ :heart: