Re-firing a Group


I’m just jealous of a man who can eat buns for breakfast and still loose weight. :slight_smile:


You’ve lost 90lbs. Why are you jealous?
Anyway…that’s beside the point. If I burn more than I consume, I lose weight.


I still have another 60 to loose and it would be nice to do it whilst eating buns


Do it then.
Enjoy your food. Seriously, I have these delicious little cream filled buns that come as just under 100 cal each. Three for breakfast and they keep me going easily until 1.00pm.
I can even do a 3.5 walk followed by a body combat session and still not over eat the rest of the day.
I don’t feel hungry and I don’t suffer for this.


Let’s stick it out @StevenHaley - I’ve been guilty of not committing to this group as rigorously as I have in others. It’s been a tough one as you say.


Hi @StevenHaley. I’ll be the first to stand up for group members such @SirStoney. Having been in several groups with him, what you might lack in numbers you certainly make up for in quality.


I agree, I think this is my second group with him. Would never blame others and it helps me help myself.


Making them free isn’t the issue it’s that I get annoyed when people desert a group and deflate others. I wouldn’t even mind a deposit system, so people have some skin in the game. I dunno, IMHO it’s just a perennial issue with free stuff.


Having the same issues in my current group.

We are down to 2 or 3 at best that post regularly. You try and keep it going but it is a struggle.

Luckily we are in the last few days of the group now so no great shakes.

Hopefully get in to another group by the weekend.


I kind of agree with the idea of free being not so important to some but that is not the whole of it. What is also important is what you personally invest in it. Free or not. If you do it properly then it has value.Yes life gets in the way but then people come back. Those of you left in the groups are the ones who value it. How many people pay for gym membership but don’t go? Cost is not the biggest factor.


Yes. I see where you are coming from.


And what you lose is the big factor.
Still not much action in the group.


I have not done loads of groups - in fact 2 over the last year or so. In both cases, the group tended to have 3 people who would post regularly, a couple who tried to and then dropped out or posted occasionally and maybe 1 who only posted once at best.
I agree cost is not the factor - in fact one thing that initially appealed to me is that it was free and therefore not some money making scam. I am sure everybody joins a group with the best intentions but perhaps the reality is that due to lots of reasons 50% of a group contributing is actually what you should expect, so therefore allowing for this unavoidable drop out rate amybe a group should initially be bigger to counteract it - the assumption is 6 people contributing to achieve this you may need an initial group of 12 - this is not really a suggestion just an observation from my very limited experience.

Should we move MVFIA groups up to 10

That’s a very sensible suggestion actually. We could temporarily try 10 in a group.


Yes, it is very good idea. I want to join another group (I will still commit to my current one) anyway.


My last group was so deflating I never bothered with another one - I’ve been going it alone ever since, with only very slow weight loss. Still, I’m a stone lighter than this time last year.


RThere are so much experiences here in groups that it’s hard not take something away. I sometimes don’t know why people would not post or stay in the group but it’s all about circumstance. I like to be in a group where say a member has lost 60-100lbs because you know you are gonna get some good information from them as to how and why they lost their weight. Sometimes I’ve seen groups put together with maybe too many new members who don’t know the site or its working and they would need experience in their group. But like mentioned it’s in order on the thread. I know I wouldn’t have stayed in half my groups if I didn’t have people experienced with the site and groups.

Love the site tho.


Sorry to hear that mate. Obviously, some groups do fizzle out and that’s what we’re trying to address without, if we can help it, turning it into a paid for situation which I think would be a shame.


I’m sorry, I’m still very new here. We have groups on this forum?