Reaching Out

So I’ve been doing Man V Fat for a while now, four seasons in fact, first was great, lost a bit, around 10kg’s in total. I felt it was quite good but I could have done better. My stamina and fitness had noticeably improved and I could more or less run a whole game which was just an absolutely ludicrous thought at the start of the season.

Season 2 I started experimenting and it slowly went downhill. I tried to shoehorn my old favourite most unhealthy snacks and drinks into a calorie deficit diet, initially I did well in a reward based style but I slowly just ate / drank more and more and I’ve ended up horrible a yo-yo situation. The last couple of weeks are the worst and I’m back up higher than since I’ve started.

I have started a new job and it’s fairly long hours but it’s no excuse. In fact it’s not even long hours, they’re regular office hours, it’s just my commute is a little longer than I’d like. I do 4 miles of walking at least per day. I’m fairly active on weekends and soon I’ll be doing 6 miles of cycling to and from work a day. I sweat a lot, yet don’t seem to lose, I also obviously do our Man V Fat games and we train on the weekend however the last season or so I have more or less played in goal the whole time due to a lack of volunteers.

I have recently started drinking a lot of water but that still hasn’t seemed to help at all. In fact I’ve just slowly gained still.

The short of it is, I’ve lost motivation and that get up and go, the enthusiasm I showed so much of when I began, I want to reignite my drive for a better life but I need your guys help. I want to get back on a calorie deficit but I want your guys ideas in doing so. I got burnt out with eating the same things so I want to know what you boys ate. I want to know what motivated you, what snapped in your head to say enough is enough, I want to be fired up guys!

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I am 1 week into season three & I have struggled in the season break to keep a track of my weight & have gained both times we have had
5/6 week break.
I’m going to play outfield as much as possible this time round although we may lose our keeper soon too & don’t really have a willing replacement so I may end up between the posts yet again.

The football is great but I’ve always been about the weight loss but I fear I may yo yo in the long run.

So my way around this is the gym. I know it’s not for everyone but it works for me.


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Cheers for the input Doug. I did do the gym and it went well however I had to sack it off due to finances. I’m not far from payday and do plan to kick it off again, perhaps with a personal trainer to whip me into shape, but even then I find myself in the fridge going ‘Oh I worked out it’s fine I deserve it’ recently, more often than not.

I have done the same since playing in net and I’ve lost my way a little bit. Will have to try an find a nice new gym.

That’s an easy one to solve - tell the team you want to rotate keepers that way you get outfield time as well.

This is the key. What is it that changed from the start of S1 to now? The food and exercise answers are easy and you know them - eat less, move more BUT you need your head to be in the right space before any of that is at all easy.

You mention a new job - is that a positive thing? Is there more stress attached to that? The old favourite snacks - do they come out to reward you for a crap day?

While I could I feel like I’m too nice or a bit too naff on the field, I suppose it’s not unreasonable though. I’ll have to have a chat with them.

I think it started when I went to my in-laws with my partners for a while overseas, we didn’t have much money at all and they were basically catering for us free of charge and I obviously couldn’t guarantee the overall healthiness of the food I was eating or where we would end up.

Don’t get me wrong I am not blaming them whatsoever, but some of the meals weren’t the healthiest and I had easy access to the naughty stuff so it slowly got the ball rolling again with the bad choices.

The new job isn’t so much stressful as a bit boring, while the place is lovely and I’m not overworked at all (which was always the case at the last places) I spend the whole day on my bum rather than walking round in a hurry in the previous places.

While it is a big positive the time it takes me to get to and from work as I have no transport leaves little time for gym, cooking or meal prep before I have to be in bed for the next day. As for the snacks / reward thing, it is very much a case of bad day, or bad mood, or tired, or a bit bored, anything to lift me a bit, and in all honestly a lot to do with old habits dying hard as well.

Reading your responses (and I’d suggest you read them back and imagine what you would say if someone else was writing it) I’d say that there’s a bit of dissatisfaction there with a few situations and that the eating is being used as a way of making you feel better.

Clearly, I’m not a psychologist but if that is the case then it’s no wonder that you’re finding your motivation is not enough to bypass the above issue. I think you have to look at the life/work situation and ask yourself what you can do to address those issues and you’ll probably find that once you’ve pointed yourself in the right direction then your motivation will return.

That really hit home in all honesty. I think it’s possibly boredom more than anything, not as in a ‘oh im bored let’s do something else’ kind of boredom but because stuffs been monotonous for a while and football is my only real entertainment each week, I know it’ll get better soon when I sort myself out because finances have been a major issue, as well as time when I sort my transport out, I think just the mean time I’m getting bogged down in a down beat mood.

I think I just need to power through it as best I can and try improve my outlook because I know my situation will improve soon, it’s just a so close yet so far kind of deal at the moment.

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Good to see that you’re starting to see where the issue lies. There’s no shame in it - we’re all the same, sometimes your head is not in the game because you’re dealing with other stuff.

However, the “powering through it” idea needs careful examination. In my experience these things need a calm and rational appraisal (often with someone else sanity checking your thinking) and then a clear plan that you can execute. Even having a plan is often enough to reassure yourself that you’re on track and then you’ll find your mind will allow you to start thinking of eating healthily again, because it fits in with your new direction.

When I say powering through it I do mean more along the lines of just getting on with it, I am remaining calm and I have been a bit better food wise the last few days, I’ve took porridge pouches for breakfast / lunch at work (can’t eat right away in the mornings) then I have a bit of fruit and a lot of water. have really upped the water intake recently. Which is the biggest positive. So in the grand scheme of things it’s slowly turning around. I think the weeks before a lot happened in to short a time and I had barely any time to think straight let alone plan anything but it’s finally starting to settle a bit and I can get back to chipping away at the weight.

Certainly for me the weight loss thing is not that difficult when you are in the zone, but next to impossible when you are not.
I do not have any magic piece of advice for this, over the course of 6 months last year I lost 40 lbs and over the course of the last 2 have put back on 10 – mainly because I have taken less notice of my diet, done less exercise and have not been in the zone.
All I can say is the worst thing to do is to put your head in the sand and keep off the scales. By acknowledging the problem it means you are aware and it looks like you have put measures in place to try to remedy. I wonder how many of us every totally lick this thing, or if it is more a case of putting some on and managing it until you decide the time is right to lose again? In an ideal world I would have got down to target (which I did) and then keep it there within a certain range which I have done in the past. Unfortunately this seems easier said then done so all we can do is be aware and keep trying.

I don’t find losing weight difficult, I can get a fair bit off in a short time, what I find difficult is maintaining the downward trajectory to make any significant difference.

Just wanted to see what everyone else does.