Reading town


Hello, anyone in here from Reading, Berkshire?


We are not in Reading but is Slough to far away?


Im in Reading!


@robert7397 is also in the vicinity I believe.


Yep. I’m in Reading as well!


Not enough people to start a Reading league, and sloughbis a bit far for me


I’m in Reading, but sadly not youthful enough for footie!


Never too old, we have guys over 60 it n our league and they are holding their own!


Moving to Reading next week and would love to join a club


Hello, we have a planned league in Reading here -

We also have a League that’s opening in a couple of week’s time in Slough -


I’m from Reading… Just signed up to join the league when it starts.


Evening. Just signed up today on the Reading waiting list…


How many to go in Reading?


Don’t know mate but I wish it would hurry up…


Hi @Law_Davis - Reading is on 18 registered players currently. We need a minimum of 30 players to start.

Have you and @Josh been saying anything to work colleagues, friends or family about this league?

Have you printed off any leaflets you can use to promote the league?!?dl=0

Have you read this forum post at all?


Yes mate I have asked all and the response I get is a bit negative, due to pride and peer pressure like we are still children.
Also is it just 14 weeks or can you carry on, season after season, even if you reach your target or better? Or do you have to leave?


I have had 1 mate sign up in the last 5 mins.
Can we be put in the same team when it comes round to it. His name is Stuart Reid…


@MvFFootballHelp once we reach 30 players in reading where will it be held ?


Hi @Stu9498 - as a registered player, you will get your own chance to suggest venues, and nights to play on. The admin for the league will contact all registered players and ask for your input. Once that’s been taken, the admin team will then go and get venues and coaches booked.


How will we know when reading reaches 30 players ? How many are registered at the min ?