Reading town


Hi @Stu9498 - Only admins can see the numbers. Reading is on 19 players currently. Once there are enough players to launch a league, the league admin will email to all registered players to confirm the next steps.


How many players do we have now?


Reading is on 22 players now - Registration is only 1 pound, so get spreading the word!


What day are you thinking of setting Reading up? I live fairly near but due to work commitments can only do certain days. If I can commit I’ll sign up


Hi @Josh - No day has been decided yet. The League Manager would usually poll the registered players for their preferences on days and times, as well as venues. This would only happen when we have a minimum amount to launch a league which is 30 players.


Hi am from Reading just waiting for something to start up here too hopefully something will soon


How many players is Reading group on now


Its dragging now…surely there is enough to get a game or 2 going per week


Hi all, once the league has been green lit, all registered players in that league will be emailed by the league manager to tell them what happens next. As well as this, the league page will be updated with the venue, night and coach information -

Currently, this league is still classed as a planned league. Keep promoting as much as you can!


Guessing this isn’t going to happen any time soon, are we anywhere near??
Is there no way to try and get this funded (or at least partially funded) like some other leagues? I have to pay anyway because I’ve been with MVF a while but could help to get some more newbies in