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We’ve got some really talented chefs in the MAN v FAT world and I wanted to know if anyone had any recipe requests. Things that you think you’re going to have to kiss goodbye to now that you’re losing weight. I more or less guarantee you that the MVF Chefs will be able to come up with a recipe that will get your favourite back on the menu.

So, what are you missing? Ribs? Cakes? Pasta dishes? Let us know and we’ll do our best to help out…

The Hairy Dieter’s books are good, although they do tend to have a lot of ingredients. I use A Girl Called Jack cook book quite a lot for simple, cheap meals.

But I will have a think.


Nice - is there anything you’re missing that you fancy a recipe for? Suggest a few and we’ll challenge them!

I’ll tell you one thing I have never fathomed how to make a good “diet” version of and that’s chicken wings. I love the things and in theory, they should be healthy - it’s chicken, right? But any recipe usually starts with removing the skin and I just can’t get with that. Also, what do you serve them with? What’s life without some blue cheese dip?

A tasty, gooey, cheap, low sugar flapjack would be nice! A lot of the healthy recipes have sugar alternatives and nuts/seeds/dried fruits which are expensive!

I tried a mix of oats baked with milk and mashed banana but they were bland as anything.

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  1. Yoghurt over mayo for any dip. (or tuna mayo, etc.)

  2. Score the meat so the marinade gets into the wing, cook with the skin on but don’t eat it to cut calories.

  3. Limit the sugar in the marinade; more heat, less sweet.

back to basics dead easy stuff

think lots of lads are scared to cook as they see chefs on tv with a million and one things ingredients (obviously all are available from good supermarkets as always) and think i cant be bothered with that i’ll go the chippy

work place lunches - throw away bland crap ham and sweaty cheese sandwiches and reclaim the dinner hour!

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without slagging the MvF site or the system

but i feel a good cookbook or recipes section could be a game changer something whats i feel is lacking


We do have quite a lot of recipes on the site ( but I agree that we could improve in this area - that’s what we’re up to now!

Had to click on the link to make sure what your profile pic was all about! Relaxed when I saw Stallone!

I actually thought what are you going on about … I’ll change it just incase

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Schnell! Schnell!


I love creating healthy versions of my favourite foods. I’ve done sub 600kcal versions of curry, pizza, burger and fries, cooked breakfast, chicken and ham pie, chicken carbonara and more if I think about it.

Spaghetti bolognaise is a favorite dish. I’ve been avoiding for a while but there must be a healthy recipe…
Also I used to enjoy a weekly curry. Any suggestions?

Surely spag bol wouldn’t be too crushing on the scales if the pasta portion was kept under control and the mince was good quality

I could be massively naive in my judgement here

Spag Bol isn’t bad at all but the key points to make it fit in are.

-homemade sauce, this will be the lowest calorie, highest flavour option and is very easy . Will also be lower in salt, zero sugar on no chemicals.
-5% Fat beef mince. Again lowest calorie option but still pretty much the same flavour.

  • small portion of spaghetti but ideally use courgetti or other spiralised veg. If you increase the onions and add some mushrooms or root veg you can really bulk it out to make up for the lower pasta content.
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I’m having lentil ragu with spaghetti for dinner all next week. Recipe is on BBC GoodFood website. Meat free but one may not notice.

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Butternut Squash spaghetti is the perfect replacement for pasta.
Can also get it pre-sliced as lasagne sheets.

So because of that, to save time, I make a vegetable lasagne, with low fat Dolmio,
no Bechmel but 100g of low fat cheddar…
it worked out at 184 calories per portion…
and that was 6 of them in a rectangular glass pyrex dish.

BTW if you do make this recipe as per then beware it does not serve 6! I made it and it filled my 3 litre sauce pan to the brim. I spooned it into 6 containers (each with 2-3 portions). The recipe calls for 500g packet of red lentils, this said 16 servings on the side. It’s tasty though. Anybody want some??!