RED April - Run Every Day in April 2018


MvF RED April

April 1st - 30th 2018

Run Every Day in April
Details: Keep those January commitments going by running EVERY DAY. No minimum distance or time, just get your trainers on and run.

Add your name to the spreadsheet, and start logging on April 1st.

NOTE: Spreadsheet only editable from a Mac or PC. If you have a mobile device, you’ll need to download a copy of the Google Sheets app (which is free).


I’m aiming to be back on Wednesday. Hopefully…


Well, I met up with a few people from running club after yesterday’s cancellation for what I thought was a 6-8km social meet. Once I saw the 4 other people there I knew I was in for a tough morning. Over 13km later I staggered back into the car park, caked in mud! They did accommodate me generously with their pace, but it was hard work.


Well done on that ,


Really frustrated that as i’ve started to get into running again and wanted to do everyday in April I’ve got flu. :face_with_thermometer:


Don’t worry about it. As @Doctor_Bong has found out, sometimes you just have to give in. I tried to keep going during February and it took me a couple of weeks to shake it off. When I took some time off it was sorted in a few days.

The long term goal is more important than the short term.


Yep. It sucks. I haven’t got flu, but I have got a virus. Fortunately, it’s not on my chest, but I’m in Week 3 now, and Week 2 of not running. Aiming to get back tomorrow. It feels achievable.

You’ve just got to let it pass. My doc says it takes 3-4 weeks. Sounds about right.


I’m back. A sluggish 3.7km on the flat. I’m not doing club hill training tomorrow, but I’ll be there next Thursday.

Streak 2, Day 1


me too easy 3k out and back from the hotel, try for a quick 1K tonight depending on what time i manage to get home hopefully before 9.30 today


April is off to a good start for me. Today I joined a ‘run 100 miles in April’ challenge to try and keep it going. Here if anyone is interested:


Back to it Day 2. 3.5km done with no ill effect. Not fast, and not pretty, but done.

Good news at work. Our “Wellness” Team are organising an 8 week mobility promotion with challenges and prizes, so I’ve signed up for that.


Missed out last night too late getting home, resting today ( don’t want calf problem again,)for tomorrow and the parkrun


1.8km while boys were discussing who got to use the shower first. By the time I got back it was me :slight_smile:


Like the shower story!
When my brother and mother in laws come round, its a bloody nightmare getting in the one bathroom!

Luckily if you get out early, they are normally too busy watching Chanel 5 to notice I’m back.


Bit of a disaster at the parkrun today calf problem came back again forcing me to stop at 3k, not sure if it might have anything to do with my shoes, as I use my old nikes as it’s something set a muddy at the end and during the week my saucony and didn’t get a problem maybecthey need replacing?


2.5km at Centerparcs. Very slow, but it’ll get better.

@kevinb1959 have you been properly fitted for shoes? I use Sweatshop, but they’re slipping in quality now that scumbag Mike Ashley owns them.

Nevertheless, I have two pairs of ASICS. Kayano for dry and Venture for wet. They use the same last, so I have no problem switching between them, and I keep track of the mileage on Garmin Connect. They’ve both got about 100 miles to go before I need to think about replacing.


Yes both pairs were the Nike’s have been in use on and off for a couple of years and the saucony about 6 ,months, I just use the Nike’s for parkrun because it’s so muddy and wet however I do prefer the saucony, week after next I’m off to Birmingham runner from a recheck after work as I’m still working there, running supplies shopsapart from sportsdirect are like rocking horse droppings in Devon thanks to Mike Ashley, I was fine the other night in my saucony shoes :disappointed:


2 runs for me today - 3.7km on the treadmill at the gym this morning, then a cheeky little 2.18km lap of the village this evening.


Would say a calf problem is unlikey to be shoes related

You did the right thing pulling up, and you need to go very easy, it should be ok in a week if its not torn, which you would know about!

Just be careful not to push the mileage too quickly


Well, that was a short streak. Had to miss today as the hamstring/glute tweak from yesterday was pretty painful. Didn’t want to push my luck. Start again tomorrow…