RED April - Run Every Day in April 2018


Yes just slow walks yesterday and for the rest of the week for me apart from tomorrow s manvfat football , not too bad today just feels a bit tender. But for info how many miles do you try to get out of a pair of shoes, , 300was a suggestion I found but I did think that would be low especially if you was training for and running marathons. Also I guess trail shoes army structured I have thought of getting a pair as the last 2k of parkrun is on grass and there are a couple of places around Brixham I could use as an alternative to roads say once a week, any thoughts?


Another runless day. Felt like I’d trapped something on thigh/bum area.

BUT… tonight was first night of Tri Swim training. I was in the bottom group, doing a simple pyramid swim (100m-200-300-200-100, with a 30 second break between each level). It was still fairly brutal.

I think it helped me out, and assuming I feel ok in the morning, I’ll definitely do the club training run in the evening.


300 miles!

I normally get 1000 plus out of a pair, and only change when the uppers give way.

The cushioning feels great I a new pair, but it hardly makes a difference if its compacted down. As long as you have grip, especially on your trail shoes you are good to go.

Las year I hit 1800 miles and only bought new shoes once, in November, so they probably did 1600 miles. Oh- and I still use them as they’re only semi retired!

Remember - they have a vested interest in this!


i was thinking 1000 would seem about right which my air pegasus in the early 80s did ( shows my age), what shoes are you currently using


Yep. It’s annoying when my Garmin tells me my shoes may need replacing at 400 miles. Both pairs are about 300 at the moment with no sign of deterioration.

Lazy capitalism stifles innovation. Making people buy the same stuff over and over generates shareholder value but zero societal value.


Yeah - totally undermines the argument of buying from your local shop over the internet.

I support my local shop - but would be annoyed if they tried the 3-400 miles sales pitch on me.

I use various Brooks trainers. Main ones are Launch.
Plus Cascadia
And then race shoes.

Also use Salomon Speed Cross for very muddy runs. ( they’re about 4 years old)

I suggest buy very good comfy ones , even if a bit pricey , but wear them til they fall off!


i would always support my local shop especially on footwear , pity the closest one that can analyse gait is 30 miles away in Exeter hence the reason i shall go to Birmingham after work one evening. Torre sports in Torquay is very good s long as you know what you want shoe suits your style, but i think i could do with another analyse.


Can’t believe I posted in the wrong bloody month!!


I’ve had a good 11 day streak but am going to ease off for a few days in preparation for the Derby 10k road race on Sunday. My plan is to do a short jog tomorrow evening and then, possibly, a very slow park run on Saturday, but I haven’t finally decided that yet.

I’ve done a decent amount of miles so far in April, I just need to freshen my legs a little ready for Sunday.


Off up to Newcastle today for the Football at the weekend. I’ll be doing the Newcastle Parkrun, and I’ve got my route on the old pit railway worked out for the other days. Should be good.


Have a good weekend and hope your team win, calf is rapidly improving plenty of stretching and a massage stick, I shall try a decent walk tomorrow and then if all ok slowly building up distance with plenty of before and after stretching, have a good weekend everyone


Parkrun done, but I forgot to put my watch on!! Fortunately it was a paced event, so there were identifiable pacers for 20 through to 35 minutes. That made it nice and easy to work out my pace, and helped me to a pb for Newcastle and a best time this year of 25:14.

Hopefully that’ll help to offset the “Lead by example” eating I’ve been doing to encourage the elderlies…


Derby 10k and my first ever road race this morning. Felt so much better after a couple of days with little or no running. Taking this as conformation that I had done far too much so far this month, so going to try an manage it better going forward.

Given my previous 5k best was just over 32 minutes and the fastest I had ever done a 10k before today was 77 minutes, my target was 75 minutes and I said I would be delighted if I was anywhere near 70 minutes. I was staggered to cross the line in a little over 63 minutes, beating my previous 5k best in the middle of the race. Well happy.


Congratulations super effort I should you are really pleased with it, where was the race?


Thanks. I am delighted. It was the Derby 10k


63 minutes is a huge improvement. Now you want to do another, don’t you? What’s next?


3 weeks time!


We have our first handicap race next week. 3 miles cross-country to set our handicaps, followed by monthly races May through August. Should be fun.


Two tiny half mile runs either side of swim training tonight. They all count, but it was a bit of a wake up call regarding Triathlon.

I’m going to have to really get stuck in to training for this thing.


First run for nearly 2 weeks a nice slow paced 3k with a short turn around stop for a stretch, calf not too bad so I shall slowly build up distance,. However off to Cyprus a week on Saturday