RED April - Run Every Day in April 2018


The new streak is on Day 9, but I’m still slower and breathing heavier than I was before the cold. These things d seem to take a while to shift.


No Parkrun this morning as I’m doing an Introduction to Lake Swimming session in Windermere. Also questioning my sanity!

Streak is up past 10 days now, and whilst I’m not moving as fast, I am able to nudge the distance up a couple of times a week.

We also have the handicapping session at the Running Club on Tuesday ahead of our monthly races. Maybe if I recover quickly after that I might finish well in a few.


Distance over pace for me today. Went to my local running group’s Saturday morning meet rather than Park Run and notched up 15.88km. Kicked the total on after a couple of rest days.


well after a few weeks of no running just a few walks my calf seems a lot better so i shall try another 3 k this evening and a nice slow pace, then its off to Cyprus for 2 weeks so some much needed sun. So hopefully back on the spreadsheet middle of may. Thanks to you all RED has been a big motivation and i’m missing it. Keep up the good work


Still going strong ( well not really strong)
4 years up for me.
Shame I’m not on top form like last year, but starting to improve


Decent week so far. I had a fast time in our first club handicap race, and finished 44 out of 89. That was pretty good given we’d had a pretty strong swimming session the night before which I was still feeling.


Doc, can you leave me on the spread sheet as i should be back up and running mid may after my holiday


Check it out. Nobody leaves the RED spreadsheet :wink:


:+1::ok_hand:back in may


Tactical shortie tonight. I’ve got a pain behind my knee where the calf muscle heads are. Need to be careful.


Slowest Parkrun for ages today. Woke up feeling like someone had been beating my left leg with a hammer from ankle to hip. I’d promised to run with my mate though, so I told him that there was no chance of me pulling him to a PB (happened the last two times), and just ran at a comfortable pace.

No problems, but glad I took it easy.


Had a good month mileage-wise here. Did the 3.7 mile #FinishForMatt with a few members of my local group this morning. Thoughts of someone heading out for a run and not getting back home puts most things into perspective.


Did 4.4km this morning after my swim. Does that count as a “Brick” session?

Felt better than yesterday. Massage lady comes to the office on Tuesday, and I’ve got a 20 minute session booked in.


We’ve heard that one before!


Seriously. Once a month. She sets up for the whole day in one of the conference rooms. I’m 1150 on Tuesday, so I can go straight off to lunch, afterwards.


Excellent. In all seriousness, glad to hear you are turning the corner and starting to feel better.


Rounded off April with a tactical shortie or gentle warm down after swimming. All ready for May, now.


Delighted with my month’s work here, appreciate you keping this going @Doctor_Bong, even if it’s just us! Finished off with a 7km group run.


sorry I will try and update later today - but still going ok.
Injuries easing.
Hoping to slightly increase mileage in May.


All clocks set to Zero. The RED May spreadsheet is GO!

Apologies for tardiness. Apparently we are no longer allowed to access Google Drive from our work computers. This is reasonable, but frustrating.