RED February - Run Every Day in February 2018

MvF RED February

February 1st - 28th 2018

Run Every Day in February
Details: Keep those January commitments going by running EVERY DAY. No minimum distance or time, just get your trainers on and run.

Add your name to the spreadsheet, and start logging on February 1st.

NOTE: Spreadsheet only editable from a Mac or PC. If you have a mobile device, you’ll need to download a copy of the Google Sheets app (which is free).

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I’ll try to get back on it. Probably short stuff only as I’m scared of buggering the itb up again, and I’m working hard on the turbo now, but I miss the mental discipline of RED!

I think I’ve been in hibernation-mode the last couple of months, need this to get me going again…

Welcome back. Get your name on the list, and get the cobwebs out of your shoes.

Right - bring it. :slight_smile:

I’ve got my sights on the first RED marathon this month on 26 feb (26.2) down in Kent.

Great to see some familiar faces back - short month, but lets see if we can break the January total!


And we’re off! 4.4km on Path and trail. Knee felt a bit twingy but once I got onto the soft, newly mulched trail it was much better. Day 134 of my streak - it’s a whole new world.

Hi Matt!
Which one?
I thought your mileage looked like you had a marathon in you!Are you doing Brighton too? Thats my goal. To PB at Brighton.

A nice paced 12.5 km with hills and nice views to kick off the group.

2.0km up and down the seafront, it shows I haven’t done that for awhile.

I’m in for Brighton, but also planning to go to one of to small ones in Kent / Sussex in Feb. Feels like I’m there and want to try out some pacing / fueling before Brighton. Maybe the ‘marathon day’ run in Deal on 26.2.

Didn’t get home until 9.30 last night so just 1k to get started, nice sunny day today so I nice leisurely 6k out around churston and back to brixham

Back to having a shortie on a Friday again. 2.7km run to the gym tonight.

Tomorrow I’m doing the Kingston Parkrun. Hoping I can pull my mate through to a PB.

Just looked at that… tempting as a training run, but I’m a way behind you so might be a bit early.

A Monday Marathon is cool though! And I’m off!

Bit of a slow (or should that be non) start to RED February for me, having been ill since midweek. However, I rose like Lazarus from my man-flu invested sick bed to bravely complete the Markeaton Park Run in Derby…what a hero!

feeling lousy, but dragged myself out to the war memorial and back.

Great Parkrun this morning. It was my mate’s 18th run and he got a PB. My time wasn’t great, but it was good to think I helped him get there.

***Streak over streak over! ***

Had planned an evening tactical shortie before tomorrow’s Bedgebury 10 miles… But then decided to use our new knives to prepare dinner.

Trip to A&E, 6 stitches, no cumin roast pumpkin and no run. Annoying and 100% user error…

Still planning to do the run tomorrow - The streak is dead; long live the streak.

Wow! No tendon damage I hope?

I Well, that was interesting. I’m in Zurich at an airport hotel. I found a nice little trail so I followed it for a while and then turned back as it was getting dark.

Ran down a tree-lined trail, and then realised I needed to find a bridge to cross the river. That took longer than expected and when I found one it turned out to be for cows, and I finished up running through an empty pasture in the dark.

Fortunately I could see my hotel’s huge illuminated sign, so I just pointed myself at it and ran, slipped and slid all the way home. 3.13 miles.

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Thankfully not… Although seeing them at work was kinda interesting.

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Couple of strong days to kick off the new streak.

Yesterday: Bedgebury 16k XC race. Please with a 1h16 finish, but didn’t enjoy the mud. Lovely setting though.

Today: A 1h49 PB at 21k and then another 5k in support of C25k at running club. As ever, refueling was enjoyable!

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