RED June - Run every day in June 2018

MvF RED June

June 1st - June 30th 2018

Run Every Day in June
Details: Keep those January commitments going by running EVERY DAY. No minimum distance or time, just get your trainers on and run.

Add your name to the spreadsheet, and start logging on June 1st.

NOTE: Spreadsheet only editable from a Mac or PC. If you have a mobile device, you’ll need to download a copy of the Google Sheets app (which is free).

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Spreadsheet is finally up

Sincere apologies for the tardiness in getting this sheet up. I’m now working on a master sheet for DSED (Do Something Every Day) to start in July.

I’m still not running, but I’m using the non-running to focus on swimming and cycling. I may actually partake iin our club training session on Tuesday if (and only if) it doesn’t feel like I’m pushing my luck.

How’s everybody been? @JIL, @mascott514, @kevinb1959, @moaker? You guys still there?

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Yep. Still here!

Still going.
Just been offline a bit.
I’ll update May!

Still here mainly swimming and gentle walks nursing my ankle back to health , hoping to do a slow jog later this week, really been missing it

I did a bloody run!!!

5.67 miles with hill drills.

I had one niggle at the end, and I do feel like someone has kicked me in the hip, but otherwise, I feel ok.

I’m not going to push my luck and run again tomorrow, but I’ll be there for the NHS Birthday Parkrun on Saturday.


Morning After

There’s some stretching to be done this morning, but I think I’m OK.

There’s also a LOT of insect bites to be treated! I got eaten alive last night.

Swimming and roller skating tomorrow and Sunday morning a short run as the ankle feels fine. How’s things on the job front

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I’m just enjoying the summer at the moment and taking some time to decompress. I suppose I need to figure out what I want to be when I grow up :joy:

I have been trying to do that for the pat 59 years and after another skate session I still haven’t figured it out :grinning:

A cautious Parkrun this morning, but no njuries, so I’m taking that as a win.

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I’m not running again until Tuesday. Plenty of walking, but I’m not logging that.

Swam 800m today. Tomorrow may be a lake swim, then club training on Tuesday and Thursday.

I’m not going to bugger up my recovery by coming back too fast.

4k jog / walk this morning to give the tendon a go, much better but still not quite right , back to stretching and cycling tomorrow, 800m pool swim yesterday

Let’s change the group name to Recovery Every Day :joy::joy:

I’m in:grinning:

Wow! Swimming tonight was tough but really good. I’ve still got that slightly shaky buzzy sensation in my body that tells me that I worked pretty hard.

1900m of various sets, but all built around speed work.

Tomorrow night I’ll do the club run session - I think it’s fartlek on Wimbledon Common, which was pretty good fun last time out. If I can get through that one without injury, I’ll do the Thursday night hill session.

On Sunday it’s the Run London Adidas thing, so I’m not doing Parkrun on Saturday. I’ll probably go to the lake if there’s a group heading down there.

Hi all - good to see you are up and running- so to speak- @Doctor_Bong

I continue to make progress. I have finally got that first longer run under my belt, a nice steady 10 km.

Saturdays NHS Parkrun was great- I got asked to start it as a regular that works for the NHS- then we got a surprise visit from another" jogger" who joined me as official starter- Kelly Holmes!
She lives local to us and Ive raced her three times now in various events. Lets just say it wasn’t even close!

Altogether a good running week!

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was she upset that you beat her?

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She had time to take pics of everyone and the park and to finish and get cold before I lumbered over the line.

But then - she is kind of a legend.
I did get within 6 ft of her last time until I realised she was chatting to someone had jogged off!

Next time…

Still around here… Just into week 3 of a marathon training programme so not running everyday (the rest days are required!) but doing around 30 miles a week at the moment which will ramp up over the next few weeks.

Finally gone ahead of the pace on the 1000 miles in the year though and starting to build up a nice buffer!

Glad to here that everyone is still ticking along even if dealing with injury…