RED June - Run every day in June 2018


Went out into the Derbyshire hills on what was a lovely evening. Just kept running. Ended up at 15.2km with over 400m of ascent,


Looks pretty good to me I will be happy to shake my injury and get back to 5k and on the next red sheet, have a good weekend


Wollaton Park 10k for me this morning.

Envious of @Doctor_Bong at the Bushy Park Run, you’ll have to let us know how it was.


Bushy Parkrun nothing like as scenic as Derbyshire hills, but still quite a thing. Over 1300 runners today, which is twice as many as a busy Newcastle or Wimbledon.

It’s a single lap course over fairly gentle undulations. I went round with a friend who is normally a 30 minute man. That suited me well as I’ve got the London Hour run tomorrow, and I just wanted a drama-free 5k to check that everything was in working order.

It was hot though, and with no shade anywhere I would imagine it could get pretty uncomfortable in the height of summer.

Finished up in 901st place with a fairly poor but comfortable 30:34. No injuries, so I guess I’m good to run around the city tomorrow.


Wow, that’s incredible!

Good luck with that, you take it steady after the last month or so!


6.1 miles in the hour, plus one incredibly painful hip (as documented in the CHAMP thread)


Hi guys, apologies for the radio silence this last few months…Life and work etc have a terrible habit of getting in the way don’t they???
I’ve not been able to make it out everyday but I have been steadily pounding the miles with just short of 42 miles done so far this month and my first half marathon in 31 years this coming Sunday down in Torbay.
Must admit to be looking forward to it and crapping myself about it in equal measure but I did 12.5 miles in 2 hours and 10 minutes yesterday so at least I know I’m ready for it…for those of you that know the area it’s Paignton to Torquay and back TWICE.Wish me luck


Good luck. Not many of us have made it every day this month but we’re all still talking about it, and I’m sure we’ll get back on it.


Good luck on Sunday ,are you sporting a manvfat t shirt


I certainly am. Will be wearing my coaches top!


As I stand in front of a full length mirror I can see the inflammation on my left hip. It’s not horribly painful, but it is restrictive.

I’m not doing Parkrun on Saturday; swimming instead. I also swam this afternoon, knocking out 1080m at Hampton Pool in the sunshine.

We’ve got the third in our series of handicap runs next Tuesday, and I’d like to be fit for that. Fingers crossed.


I’ve just done a fastish 5 mile walk around around the lanes and no twinges in my ankle hopefully a nice jog along the front at Weymouth sat and sun , and looking forward to a few laps of the velopark on my quad skates tomorrow. Should’ve posting on red next week.


No exercise today apart from 10k steps just generally pottering around. I’m going to do a yoga session later, concentrating on hip/core area.

I noticed that it wasn’t hurting while I was climbing some stairs today, but I haven’t decided whether that was the muscle healing, or the nurofen kicking in.


Wow! We had the third round of our club summer handicap races tonight. I decided that since my hip hadn’t bothered me for a couple of days, I’d give it a go…

Personal Best :raised_hands::facepunch: 22:29 for the course, just under 3 miles. I’m dumbfounded.

Probably not going to run again until Saturday. There are a couple of little twinges, but nothing serious, and I don’t want to push my luck.

Surprised and delighted

…and relieved.


Well done that’s a decent time, think I shall do 5k tomorrow as my ankle seems fine again, pity it won’t be along the seafront in Weymouth again


OK - I’m putting up the DSED (DoSED???) spreadsheet for July, shortly.

The idea is that DSED = Do Something Every Day provides one place to log Running, Cycling, Swimming, Gym (tonnage), AND… skating - just for you @kevinb1959

I’ll bring over the totals from RED once it’s up, and I’ll also bring the numbers over from the Run 1000 Miles in 2018 group. That means we have less spreadsheets to complete, and it’s much more inclusive for different types of exercise.

It’s a big old beast of a sheet, but I think it’s quite easy to use.

You tell me, though…


Excellent I shall spread the word to my team👌


Your MVFIA team, or your Rollerball team :wink:


Manvfat team , already out it on the team WhatsApp, roller derby will be next year when I’ve retired, skating for now is Thursdays on the 1.5km cycle track in Goodrington , weather permitting, and various indoor skates, . Sheet looks good , well done


I highly recommend get some wheels strapped to your feet , good exercise and kind to the knees , providing you don’t take a tumble , but that’s what the pads are for😊