RED March - Run Every Day in March 2018

MvF RED March

March 1st - 31st 2018

Run Every Day in March
Details: Keep those January commitments going by running EVERY DAY. No minimum distance or time, just get your trainers on and run.

Add your name to the spreadsheet, and start logging on March 1st.

NOTE: Spreadsheet only editable from a Mac or PC. If you have a mobile device, you’ll need to download a copy of the Google Sheets app (which is free).

And we’re off! 3.6km on a snowy Common to start the month. Just about my only outdoor time today!

Nothing at all from me, see my final entry for Feb, hoping to get out tomorrow even if it’s 1,k around the block or up the gym, can’t believe how bad the weather is down here . Just checked parkrun is cancelled although I can’t say I am surprised

An unintentionally longer run tonight. Ran to the gym, only to find it shut because of the weather. Fair enough. Decided to run home, if only to get back in the warm.

5.8km all told. Quite a good start to the month all things considered.

Two snowy ones to kick the month off
The London half is still on at the moment, so still heading in for that!

First run since Sunday this afternoon because of the damn weather. Only treadmill, but good to get out nevertheless.

Is that the one in Greenwich?

Yeah- Tower Bridge to Greenwich.
( I think , haven’t had a proper look yet! )

Desperate means desperate measures had to resort to a guest gym session today to get 5k on the tread mill , most of the snow in Brixham has gone due to the incessant rain, hope it’s dry tomorrow for a run.

A tough half today.
Felt spent at 9 miles, and GPS was all over the place.
Anyway 1:47. Ok - but 10 mins slower than last year. Just can’t get fit!

I would recommend it if anyone fancies it next year!
Oh - food been ok so far!

Well done , made me start thinking of increasing my distance especially as we are heading towards lighter evenings. They have started advertising this year’s Torbay 1/2 marathon, could be my goal for next year

I’ve felt really strong in my running this last week. Particularly since the 10k XC which I did last Sunday, and thoroughly enjoyed.

I’m still averse to road running because of my history of foot and ankle problems, but any recommendations on longer XC or trail runs would be welcome.

I seem to remember you are in Scotland?

If you fancy South East ones I know a few.

Treadmill for me only, but nice to actually do something. Weather finally clearing here so hoping for normal service to be resumed tomorrow.

Nope. SW London, but spend chunks of time in Newcastle and Scotland.


Well- my number one recommendation would be
Valentines Tough Love
It’s in Vigo, Kent
10 miles. Stupidly hilly, muddy, but all so beautiful. Very friendly and well run. It’s not about the time- it’s just getting round.

Then, my club run
The Bewl 15 , in July (1st July this year)
It’s very picturesque and quite challenging.

Apart from that - most clubs do take part in a cross country series in the winter. So might be worth looking for a club in Surrey for example
We have runners that only do the trail races.
Plus other runners at your club will know if good local events.
Your times are irrelevant- we have runners at various speeds, and with all clubs, all are welcome. We never leave the finish until we are all back. ( not saying you’re slow- just lots of people think clubs are for elite runner)

Normal service resumed here. 6.13km club run.

Recovery ok from the half marathon
Sticking to plan- no long miles, no racing!
You’re gonna see a lot of 5km entries!

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football and a short jog last night and hopefully 5k tonight if i leave early enough tonight and darkness hasnt fallen making the lane too dangerous

Another easy going 3 mile.
Will probably do a once a week longer run so I don’t lose all my fitness.
Joining the gym.