RED May - Run Every Day in May 2018



May 1st - 31st 2018

Run Every Day in May
Details: Keep those January commitments going by running EVERY DAY. No minimum distance or time, just get your trainers on and run.

Add your name to the spreadsheet, and start logging on May 1st.

NOTE: Spreadsheet only editable from a Mac or PC. If you have a mobile device, you’ll need to download a copy of the Google Sheets app (which is free).


Well, something got tweaked about 1 mile out tonight. I decided to be sensible and pull up. Left calf where the muscle enters the back of the knee. Hopefully it’ll be ok tomorrow.


Sorry to hear that @Doctor_Bong, you’re going through it at the moment.

I’ll most likely be quiet for a few days. Tweaked my back on Tuesday and been feeling it today. Will be resting up as I have a race on Sunday so don’t want to put that at risk. Might manage a cheeky treadmill session on Friday if I feel OK, but otherwise that will be it until Sunday.


Yep. It’s frustrating. I’m cutting my minimal run to half a mile, as I don’t usually feel it until the mile mark. Physio appointment tomorrow. Hope the back feels better.


Managed a very careful 2.4km this evening without a flare-up, but there’s definitely something not right. Let’s see what the physio says.


Physio said it wasn’t a calf problem, it was a sacro-iliac problem. It’s ok to run, but don’t push my luck. After a fairly heavy session I was moving quite freely again.

Did 2.9km tonight. Will do Parkrun tomorrow, but won’t even be thinking about a PB!


Decided on a gym session tonight. Back seems OK. 5.6km of treadmill mileage. Hopefully good to resume normal running next week.

Going to leave Park Run tomorrow though so as not to risk it with a race on Sunday.


Hi chaps!

I just thought I hadn’t updated for a few days! turned out I hadn’t added any runs since April 1st

Today was fastest parkrun of 2018, just under 24 mins.
Still a long was off where I was this time last year, but feels good to be pushing hard

I might MIGHT tempt a longer run this week if my body feels ok after today.

Anyway – good to be back , I hope the twinge is ok @Doctor_Bong

We need to recruit new streakers!


Whats the run?


This one in the morning:


I seem to be managing the tweak ok. My physio says it’s a back issue that is manifesting in the knee via the sciatic nerve. Makes sense. I’m allowed to run, but I I’ve to pay attention to my form, which is fair enough.

Parkrun yesterday was sub-29 minutes, which is slow for me, but I was pleased to get away without having to stop or walk.

Swam this morning. That’s always a great help. I’ll do a gentle run this evening.

Good to have you back @mascott514, now if we can only get a few more involved from our MVFIA groups…


Too late to join? Did 3.6km today. Have run on and off for the last year or so. Seem to get an injury just as I’m getting somewhere then have to start all over again!
Hoping this time I can just keep going!


Never to late to join. Just pop your numbers on a new row on the sheet and you’re off. Welcome.

Think of it as easing yourself into RED June :wink:


Very hot 12.5km today. Plodded round in 1 hour 28, but given the weather and hilly route, it wasn’t a day for quick times.


4.7km tonight. Things gradually loosening up, but I have to take care at the beginning until I’m properly warm, and pay a lot of attention to form; hip position, engaging my big toe when I push off, lead with chest, front-foot strike…running was never this complicated when I was a kid!

@JIL do you know what a good time is for toda’s course?

@mascott514 welcome back old chap. We’ve missed our RED Mentor

@Cjsnape98 first posting on the sheet. Welcome to the treadmill


Not really, I’m probably being a bit hard on myself. There are a number of route options on the course. For each one they went for the hilly one. A lot of people struggled apparently. Out of 500 starters, I found out this morning, there were 100 DNFs. I came just over 300 out of 400 finishers, but I don’t care about place. Just doing and completing these events is a big plus for me considering my history. For what it’s worth the winner came home in just over 45 minutes - and he was 4 minutes clear of second place!


Did 100 miles last month and said May was going to be easier. Being a glutton for punishment I’ve signed up for another 100 miles in may in support of MIND:

After a few days off earlier in the week I have a little to catch up on. Hopefully the weather will be kind.


My first club training night since my back injury. I joined the slow group for hill training. Good session, which I could have pushed harder but I’m pleased I didn’t.


Last night was a fairly pathetic half a kilometre before my hamstring started tweaking, and I decided to turn back. I also forgot to press GO on my watch, so it’s a manual entry for me.

No Parkrun today, but I’ll give it a gentle run out this morning.


Stepped it up to 1.2 miles this morning. This back/sciatic/hamstring thing will pass, but I need to be mindful of it (to use last year’s fave word)