RED May - Run Every Day in May 2018


Back on it after a couple of days of illness - self-inflicted, over-did the exercise, under-did the nutrition and sleep - Beat my Park Run PB by over a minute yesterday, then a few treadmill miles at the gym this morning. 16km walked this afternoon with the dog, but obviously that doesn’t count here!


Back off hols with a bit of a weight gain to shift, calf problem I hope has been sorted out as so it will be a slow trial run tomorrow morning , so hopefully something to enter on the sheet at last


Great riverside run in Newcastle today, following on from our 3-0 humiliation of Chelsea. 5.1km with hamstrings holding up nicely.


5k completed first time for this month cars ok bit of a sore tendon on right ankle but not too bad maybe need a bit more rest and stretching and a shorter distance?


A fairly stiff mile tonight. It was after swimming, and I’d been sat down all day. Didn’t want to push my luck after a decent run yesterday.


Hi all- still plodding along

The injuries are lifting- and with the nice weather, I am tempted to have a bash at a 10 km next week. I am actually excited at the prospect of wring something other than 5km on the board!


Hi - I had to end the streak yesterday. 2 reasons:

  1. Urgent dash to Newcastle when dad was hospitalised. Scare over, now. Heading home.
  2. Hip problem, which I really should rest for a couple of days.

Streak 4 starts at Parkrun on Saturday.


Through the pain barrier with a sub-27 minute run yesterday. Desperately need physio tomorrow.

Swimming relieved the pain, but I need to understand what’s going on.


Hope you get it sorted out after last Mondays 5k and Tuesday football my ankle tendon flared up again, so if giving it a rest for the next week, swimming and walking instead


A careful mile or so tonight. I just wanted to pay enough attention to be able to report accurately to my physio.


Decent weekend here. Went to Lyme Park Run on Saturday morning, which is 6/520 on the Park Run elevation rankings, then a 7.3 mile group run on Sunday. Got me back on track with my 100 miles in May challenge.


Up in Newcastle. Managed a 3 mile run tonight - 4.8km. Hip grumbled a bit, but not too bad.

We’ll see in the morning


2.5km gets me through the first week of the new streak. Hip pain is either subsiding, or relocating to the base of my hamstring. I suspect the latter, but we’ll see how Parkrun goes.


Good Parkrun yesterday. Slower than the previous week, and well off my best, but I felt comfortable enough to go for a sprint finish with no ill effects.

Today was like I had a different body. An extremely painful 3.5km, with legs that felt permanently on the verge of cramp and a hip that felt like someone was trying to take my leg off with a knitting needle.

I’ve got a 10k on Wednesday night. Goodness knows how I’m going to do that.

Getting mightily pissed off with this year’s injuries.


missing the red challenge hope to be back shortly my ankle is taking longer to heal than i thought , so i’m not going to push too hard as i dont want it again. At the moment i’m sticking with swimming and walking with stretching thrown in for good measure. See you all around soon( i hope)


Injuries are a bugger. I did our club 3 mile handicap last night. Very stiff today, and have decided not to do the 10k that I was signed up for. It’s a shame, but I can focus on swim and bike in my tri-training.


Guys, I’ve been having a think about the dwindling numbers on the RED threads, and I wonder if we should play out RED through the summer but set up DSED (do something every day) for the autumn and winter?

It might be more inclusive, as we could bring cyclists, swimmers, yogis, skaters, lifters, etc into the fold.




Good idea, so I could include my quad skating too , hopefully a few laps of the velopark tomorrow evening if the M5 is ok going south.


I’m not 100% sure what Quad Skating is, but if you can measure it, I could put it on the sheet.


image quads
as long as the m5 is flowing well and i can get back home in time i’ll aim to do 10K tonight down at the velopark
as i’ll only be able to skate for an hour . and providing i dont get wiped out again it should be non impact and kind to my knees