Registering for next season and weight loss question

I’ve been with ManVFat for a few months now, joined at 28.3 BMI, and I’ve lost approx 1st since then, with my BMI currently at about 27.1 … it’s been mentioned by another player in my league that I’m no longer eligible to sign on for the next season.
Which would be a bit of a kick in the teeth since I’ve invested quite a bit of money in to buying kits, boots etc… met some good lads in the process and I’m just enjoying it. I’ve still got a target to hit in terms of weight loss.
Is there any truth to this regarding being able to stay on as a member once i achieve a certain bmi?


Of course you are still eligible to sign on for next season! Also, when your BMI is under 25, (I think), you will be in “Maintenance”. I am sure your coach will confirm details? All the best.

Cheers for that reply… that’s exactly what I was hoping to hear. MVF is working for me, I’d got stuck at the same weight and couldn’t shift it for about 6 months… then managed to shift a stone in less than 3 months so being able to carry on and maintain / improve my weight is perfect for me.

Type this into the MvF search

Maintenance program

Official rules are in those posts.