Registration Sheffield

It says the sheffield league starts on the 29th. What is the latest i can register and pay for me joining.

Also, Do we need to buy any specific kit or just our own

Hi @ChrisAsh96 - I would say to register ASAP, as you will guarantee yourself a place on a team. You will only pay once you have been allocated into a team and started to play.

On your registration night (the 29th), you will find out your teams, and what colour shirt you will play in. It’ll be up to you and your teammates on what you want to do to source your kits.

Hi I have just signed up via the main website and paid the introductory fee. Do we just turn up on the 29th or is there more we need to do first?

Hi @paul07paul - Await a confirmation from your coach to tell you what you need to do. You should get an email or phone call to say you can join up at the registration Session.

Thank you.

Just signed up today. Is there any way of knowing if I’ll be an active player or on the waiting list?

I read that I need to wait for confirmation to turn up to the registration night, is this the case?

Hi @simon.adams.88 - You will get confirmation from your League Manager @Karl_White about the registration night. It’ll be what to expect, where to turn up and what happens next.

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Signed up last night and got a welcome email and a confirmation of a direct debit email, but no registration fee has been taken and there’s not much info as to what happens next?

Hi Simon,

I have sent you the email with all the info you need to be aware of, if it isn’t in your inbox then please check junk / spam as they’re sometimes directed that way!


Hi Karl,

I have just signed up today, do I just need to turn up to the registration evening tomorrow in order to be assigned to a team?

also is this a new league that is just starting 5/2/19 or will I be joining mid season?

thanks, Tom

Hi Tom,

You should have received an email from me in relation to the registration session?

Teams will be revealed on the night (tonight).

It is a new league, so you are involved from the very beginning.


What time does the registration start tonight please?

It’s starting from 8pm


Hi Tom, I’ve sent link for WhatsApp for you to join team

Where have you sent the link to as I don’t seem to have received anything


Ive just joined the group.

Ive missed the registration, but am looking to see if new players are needed in the Sheffield League?

How do I go about joining?



Hi @Bigfella67 - Just register on the website, the coaches can then call you up and then confirm your team once you’ve been allocated a space -

Hi , Just signed up… What do I need to do at registration tomorrow? Do you need to bring your kit etc ?

Anyone using this? Just signed up and wait for registration on Tuesday 14 May to see what’s happening.