Rewards for MVFIA finishers - what do you want?

Hola team, I’m thinking that as well as the group glory of finishing a MVFIA group, oh and the nice aside of losing weight we should have an individual reward for finishing.

I was thinking about getting a badge done that you could unlock and add to your profile when you’d finished.

Any other achievement badges that should be considered? I’m thinking a 5% and 10% body weight one. Any more?

Any graphic designers on here?

These are the current badges, btw -

I’ll knock something up quickly now.

Sounds like a good idea.

Work in progress happening

Cool. I like that. I think the 10/5/whatever should be the most prominent bit though. It will be on MVF sites so I guess the MVF could be taken as read.


These are whopping in size and thus can be used for quite a few things and are 300dpi print quality, so I can send you smaller ones for the site itself. If you just give me a pixel size, say 300x300?

Played around with faux silver, gold medals. But in the end decided simple colours and sticking to brand looked best.

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Brilliant - now we just need one for completing a group.

Don’t ask for much do I?

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A wall of fame ?

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We have the cool fridge which has the best teams on it StokieDan

Cool thing is as well, you can see anyone else who holds one of the badges, which is like an individual wall of fame.

Ahh sweet - didn’t read it

Great idea.

Not so great idea: reward successful MVFIA finishers with a slap-up meal…


Haha, my mind jumps straight to the facetious answer too @Rich. My first thought on seeing the thread title was ‘cake’.

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My first thought that i didn’t want to post ( but having read cake and meal replies now will ) was a similar system to Air Miles so those that have completed 2 groups will have enough for a trip to Ireland for pint of Guiness


or you could deposit the amount of pounds we have lost into our bank accounts :wink:


Fat Miles. Love it.

So we have just discovered the badges have to be a lot smaller. So two quick design options. The first is a straight forward badge, there will be different colours for different things etc as above.

The second is a less badge looking but will have the fat man doing something different in each one, differing colours again of course.

Any preferences folks in this quick AB test?