Rockingham League half way mark

Hi Guys,

Well done to all of you for carrying on your MAN V FAT journey, we are at the halfway mark… and welcome aboard to Spencer and Matt D - joining the Yellow team. Having a couple of extra players should give yellow team the boost it needs - no pressure though guys :laughing:
Even though Blue team is currently sitting at the top of the league, Red team leads the way in weight loss - with an amazing 21.50kgs lost in total. Great job guys.
At this half way point, some of you are having a bit of a stall in weight loss - this is quite normal. Keep on making those small changes every day to your eating habits and adding extra exercise into your day whenever you can… if you can’t find a 30minute block to exercise, remember that you can break it down into 3 x 10mins… it all adds up.

Lastly, some blokes mentioned to me they think they eat too many carbs. Carbs are found mostly in our grains and cereal foods. The recommended serves of carb foods per day for men are 6 serves per day.
The thing is - it’s quite easy to overeat carbs as the serve sizes are small.
1 Serve is equal to
1 piece of bread
1/2 a bread roll or wrap
1/2 cup cooked rice, pasta noodles
1/2 cup cooked porridge
2/3 cup wheat cereal flakes
1/4 cup of muesli
1 crumpet/ English muffin.

So, thinking about a typical day… if you had 2 pieces of toast for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch - then at dinner - you would only need 1 cup of rice or pasta - which is not very much. Try using a cup (if you don’t have a measuring cup, any normal size coffee cup will do the trick really) to see how much this is. You’ll be surprised I reckon. Use that as a bit of a guide in the future to help you with serve sizes - knowledge is power!

That’s all for now. see you guys tomorrow night and stay tuned for the next post. I’ll be covering a topic that doesn’t get mentioned in much detail, but can really help with weight loss and gut happiness.