Rockingham League update week 5

Glad to see so many players return for another season, and welcome to all our new players. Thanks for your patience as the teams were reorganised slightly to balance out the league. We are keen for more players to join us, so if you know someone who might be interested to play football on a Thursday night, invite them down to check it out.

I’m very happy to share the good news that we have several players who have achieved a hattrick so far - weight loss in 3 consecutive weeks:
Green JellyTots - Cliff, Dirk and Shaun
Blues Clues - Andy, Keith and Spencer
Red UK Strain - Ben
Blackjacks - David

Well done to everyone for joining the Man v Fat journey. If you need any more help with your diet, or have any nutrition questions, please ask me, I’m happy to help you.
See you Thursday