Rockingham - Week 8

Hey Gents,

First of all it was great to meet you all this week and be a part of this with you. From having a chat with a few of you, I have noticed a couple things missing from the coaches end. I don’t want to just be the guy that rocks up and weighs you every week, that is just a small part of what I have to offer and how I can help you.

I noticed that a lot of you were struggling with some direction for your nutrition, this is an area I have done a lot of study in and know very well. If you need any help getting your nutrition on track come and have a chat to me at the game and we can see what we can do to get the ball rolling.

Remember FAT loss is 80% Nutrition

Similar to nutrition, there was some people a bit lost when it comes to exercise. Playing a game of soccer each week is a massive start, it is a great workout and one that you all really enjoy taking part in. Just like the above mentioned nutrition advice I am here to help coach you through this and am more than happy to give you guys some ideas around exercise.

Alternatively was thinking I could write up some different style workout programs and hand them out at the games, if this is something that you think could help you then let me know and we can get started, that’s what I’m here for.

So far the Rockingham League has collectively lost a massive 189.45kgs.

This is a huge achievement and something you should all be proud of. Heading into the second half of the season I cant wait to see the end of season results.

Make sure if you need any advice come and have a chat.

Coach Cliff