Romford League...waiting game


Hello all, I’ve just joined a planned league in Romford that’s not up in running yet. Apparently needs 30 or more people to join. Anyone know how I can find out how near that is to hitting the target so I can get started? Thanks


Hi @abbo1uk - Romford’s on 17 players, so at least another 13 players to recruit before we can put it forward for a partnership!


Great. Is it worth me joining a nearby active league in the mean time or would you think the 30 is reachable quickly?


That’s down to your call. What I would do is register for another league via - using another email address. This way, you are on the list for Romford, but you can play in another league that’s active in the meantime.


me and a mate also on Romford waiting list, been a good few weeks now. Fingers crossed it gets filled soon!


There’s a Redbridge one about to start which might not be too bad for you?


I’ve been going to the redbridge one since june, our league gets started on jan 21st. i’ll join the romford one too as i’m in collier row. But defo worth joining the redbridge league too.


Hello all, Im new on here. Does anyone know if there are spaces in the Redbridge league? Also where is the Romford league being held?