Romford new league

Looking for other blokes to come and play some footie in or near romford, there is a 5 a side place in St. George’s playing fields on a12

We do have a planned league in Romford -

I know I’m signed up for it just trying to drum up some interest

Any idea wen the Romford league will start ?

There’s 24 players for Romford at the moment, so make sure you get those registrations on the website!

Well that’s 5 teams each with a sub, and believe me we will need one.

Who is up for meeting this month??

5 a side place at St. George’s playing fields?

Hi all have just signed up 08/02/19, looking forward to the challenge , am from Hornchurch, im guessing im the 25th to join , is there a whatsapp group set up or anything ? is it just a waiting game now ?