So long as he puts his paintbrush down for a few minutes a day, @TommyD and I are undertaking a challenge on the thread ‘30 lbs by Xmas’ - total distance rowed on Concept 2 rower during the month of November.

If anyone else wants to join us we’ll post on this specific thread, if not we’ll keep it to 30 lbs Xmas thread.

If you’ve ready access to Concept 2 or of course any brand of rowing machine and you’re up for burning a few calories over the next thirty days post here…and start limbering up! (Not that anyone ever out-trains a poor diet… you’ll still need to eat nicely!)


Right @Zero4. Get your Oars Ready!

lets do this…*

*although it will have to wait until this evening when I can get to the C2!


OMG… you’ve woken up! I’ve also got to wait until tonight as I had to get a chum to fit the new chain on my C2 and not picking up til later when I’m on my way to the gym.

Have you been on to the C2 website and subscribed to receive a daily suggestion of training tips / suggestions…the variations provided could juggle things up and make for more interest than just plodding through 5k or whatever…

The training patterns are set for Short, Medium and Long rows.


So there’s a little 10,000 metre warmer-upper.


…and another. Added about 30 seconds to second run and only 3 calories difference!

So there we have it:

DAY ONE - November 1st:

20,016 metres. AGGREGATE: 20,016


@TommyD …come on, or are you still on the C2 and unable to post??? Now that would impress! …

…maybe you’ve gone into hiding in a room with your Concept 2 and going to publish your aggregate on the 30th.

Anyway, a cheeky 8,017 notched up before work…


Here’s tonight’s addition: 10,019

Time includes fumbling around for phone camera to record this…honest. Anyway it’s not about time, it’s distance…and just doing it!

So today was:

DAY TWO : 18,036 metres.

As at November 2nd: 38, 052 metres


Having to row in batches today! First 5,000 metres, 296 calories.


A not good time 10,000, but it is metres rowed @TommyD when you DO emerge with a stunning metreage!


Calling @TommyD calling tommyD


@Greenballs You might have to shout louder…


Disasterous start to Rovber for me as we’re away for a few days on a surprise trip until tomorrow! Got into trouble with the Mrs as she’s never seen someone so grumpy about going away! Told her it was because I’ve missed 3 days of row-vember. Didn’t go down well.

At least i’ve given @Zero4 a decent head start!


Well there @TommyD, I’ll help you out by going out for the evening and leave rower alone so you can enjoy the rest of your time away!

DAY THREE: 15,000 metres
AGGREGATE: 53,052 metres


And @TommyD this morning we’re off to Sunday lunch with family and so leave you with chance to catch up a little as I have a relaxing day…


Oh, apart from a naughty little (but slow) 10,000


No, that’s it for the day. Big lunch and too much wine to be bothered to pour more misery on @TommyD

Settle for:

DAY Four: 10,000 metres
AGGREGATE: 63,052 m


There’s today’s Cheeky Blinder, just to get day started before work.

7,007, or close have to check photo.

  1. @TommyD will have to sit on his Rower day I think


Maybe his missus has extended his long weekend by another day, that’ll be nice for him!..


ooh, nice. One day I’ll get myself a C2. Hated them when I rowed, much rather be on the water - but an amazing bit of kit.