Ok, I recon 70,000m is a decent enough head start for @Zero4 (excluding the 23,000m he’s no doubt going to smash out this evening!)

I shall don my kit and make sure the headphones are charged for the catch-up!


Looking forward to seeing this!


You guys need a wager. How about 30lb😬


Nah,…probs going to sit it out tonight and let you have one night getting back into the frame.

@atb88 and @Greenballs each give off an air of wanting to read about fair play, and not one porker taking advantage of another just because the other is reluctantly and unexpectedly dragged off the playing field for a weekend of pleasure. So, if I sit it out that would be nice and gentlemanly of me… something you read less of these days.,.


I wouldn’t sit out. I’d let him try catch you. Get on and do another 10k. Long way to go but take the lead when you can.


Sounds like you think @Zero4 can’t keep this pace up for the entire month :stuck_out_tongue:


he can’t - can he?


We both know the answer. If he’s determined enough he’ll sleep on the damn thing


Right where’s @TommyD now? I know he’s busy rowing to leather his a£se up for the month ahead!

Anyway, I gave the ‘nice and gentlemanly’ thing a rethink…I actually believed it of myself for 3, maybe 4 seconds ànd then ‘bo££ocks’ - gotta kick a man when he’s down. Had to give consideration to what to do to add to this morning’s 7,012 and fortunately Tommy kindly gave me the target in his early post:

An 18,020 set from the ‘Just Row’ …which is why it doesn’t stop dead on your target, as Tommy will obviously know…then a 5,000 from ‘Select standard distance’ - which does finish on the nose.

So cheers for the target Tommy… I reckon you’ll have thought you need to smash at least that yourself in case I did take you literally… I’m quite happy with 30,032 for the day… I’d have done the full 23k in one hit but a£se-ache kicked in (seat bones), so I had 15 minute break to walk around between tonight’s efforts.

DAY FIVE: 30,032 metres
AGGREGATE: 93,084 metres


Let’s go!


Go on then, get on with it, I’m in the pub having showered… I’m done (honest). Well done as in I’m not rowing anymore tonight, but I actually feel quite smokey!


Easy 2km to warm up…


I’m impressed… you’ve got another 91,000 metres to do tonight, then you’ll only be 15 metres behind!


At least the £ucking challenge is actually underway now. Have you got any other weekends away (not) planned in November??? Come on…row harder than that! - cheers! :wine_glass: :wine_glass:!


So I got a few thousand m’s into the planned 10km before the battery on th PM4 died! Managed to find some replacements, only to notice that the monitor seemed to think it was 2009!
So I reset the time and date then did a little 5k as time was tight by then.

Not as far as planned, but 9,377m to start the comeback.


Oven just read your latest tale of woe, and I think it’s a bit much to be claiming the efforts of the previous owner of your C2 in 2009 as your initial metreage but hey-ho… we’re underway.

Anyway I’ve had a couple of pulls this morning, first 5,000 set, then to make sure I wasn’t going to be late setting off for work the second little guy was a ‘Just Row’ cheeky 6,012…11,012 for the morning wake-up. I prefer to put full metreage in long hand…11,012 as it reflects a little the effort better than abreviating it to a 11k ! Such is the sad thinking of a long distance rower!!:joy:

So, that’s the 100,000 mark broken, I did think to blow you a virtual raspberry as I passed 2k on my second row this morning as, when added to the 5k represented the 100k…but the ‘sportsman’ in me prevented me…honest!

104,100 metres…happy battery shopping @TommyD! :grin::grin:

@atb88 and @Greenballs will be proud of my self-restraint in not blowing the raspberry…


I’m only here for the raspberry blowing.



Exactly I heard raspberry and came straight on. I think you may still do it


Ere…listen up chaps - @TommyD is looking in, but not posting. He’s zoomed in to his first 5k and got rid of his pent-up frustration of learning he was in for a nice surprise weekend away…I think he’s now sitting on the bottom step of his stairs at home crying into his hanky when he should be in the battery shop.

Either that, or he’s got the battery and pumping himself up for a massive effort tonight…


To be honest, I’m still in amazement as to how much time you’ve been able to dedicate to this so far @Zero4!

I’ve got about an hour a day at best to put in these efforts, so I’m struggling to see how I’m going to be able to compete with the numbers you’re throwing up (pun intended!)

But we will never surrender! Batteries purchased, headphones charged, and blisters plastered, so will have another bash this evening and add to my tally, safe in the knowledge that i’m out rowing our cheeky spectators @Greenballs and @atb88!

Keep it going big Z!