There’s the excuses already. Only took 6 days!


actually only 1 day! I only started yesterday! :wink: :rofl:


@TommyD… you’ve got family and (new) home to run and business and £££ to earn whereas I’ve sold my (financial services) business in return for steady income stream from it with no input required, do an easy not-serious-for-me job whilst I await someone buying our house which is on the market.

Once sold we’re off to live in the south of France. A prerequisite will be a large outhouse/barn which we will convert to a gym for our use, and that of our triathlon, swimming and cycling friends…and also set up spin bikes to allow the local bike club of whichever town we move to , to come in and ride in the winter months and have a beer after!

My wife leaves the house every weekday morning to go to David Lloyd club and swims with club and does around 4k x 5 days a week. The rest of the weekdays she does pilates, gym work and cycles with D Lloyd mob again (she’s early retired too). Sundays she rides (with me when not got this lump) with cycling club and we do 50/60 miles.

She can’t (and wouldn’t) do all that poncing about exercising all day and then deny me the opportunity to do so…which is outside work hours for me.

Since school days I have never not exercised…first class rugby, into running and squash, to running and triathlon, then after back injury into cycling only, I’ve been blessed with having a great ticker…my only stumbling block has been my inability to not continue enjoying beer (well wine now), cappacino and cake…fine when you’re young and playing rugby and training…but I’ve probably carried two stones more than I need to…even though in running club times I was probably running 60/80 miles a week!

We don’t particularly watch telly and… here’s your challenge…I just need to roll out of bed and get into cabin in garden and knock out a few kilometres on rower (it might have been Wattbike before this challenge) which I’ve now found ominously relaxing and then, just like in my marathon training life, just make sure I head to the public gym (because it’s different) straight from work whilst on auto-pilot. It’s a bit like the old rugby training days…you don’t think to yourself ‘Do I actually fancy this?’ …you just do it!

In short @TommyD … I’m on autopilot and my missus would think I was missing out if I didn’t do it!


He’s been six days dreaming up the excuse(s)… they’re quite convincing though…


they should be after 6 days :wink:


Well I get to lunchtime and see I’ve got an hour and a half before next appointment, and realise I’m only a ten minute drive off course to local gym…so what would any self-respecting, finely-tuned athlete to do?.. quite right, go in and knock out a 12k row.

So that’s quite nice, added to before work 11k, so a neat 23k subtotal.


Evening run…well row actually, and slapped out a 10,016…

… and strangely felt a bit narked with myself with not doing the 13k I had in mind when I entered the gym as it would have rounded up the aggregate neatly and stopping at 10k…but how 'kin daft, 33k for the day I can’t complain about.

Now here’s the thing @TommyD… I’m feeling gggrrrreat, as Tony the Frosties tiger would have said…quite simply if you/we knock out anywhere between 5 and 10k a day between now and the end of RowVember, we’ll both feel really good about : (1) our individual achievement, whatever the aggregate and comparison, plus (2) the sure-fire weightloss if our respective calorie intakes don’t sabatage the effort.

RowVember was only ever going to be a win/win for any entrants…



33,047 metres
1,915 calories burned
Time on rower: 2 hours 30 minutes…how lovely!

AGGREGATE: 137,147 metres


Apart from @TommyD. :joy:


Cheap, cheap shot… @TommyD is going to come good…just you watch, plus he’s done 9,000 metres more than you! :joy:


Quick @TommyD … there’s a chink in the armour, I’ve taken the morning off the C2, my legs were feeling it a bit so, as you should under the circumstances of the longer-term, I listened to my body and resting!


@TommyD …if time is genuinely the obstacle, how about setting ourselves a metreage distance challenge. I know i’d originally calculated that to achieve 500,000 I’d require to knock out 16,667 a day ;

The important thing from our individual perspectives is to come out the end of RowVember:


What say you?

eg…300,000 would require you to row 13,000 a day hereon; 200k - 8,700 a day.


Right, I’ve a consecutive ‘challenge’ to bolster me through this one, although I’ve every hope and confidence that @TommyD will set a target metreage to achieve for himself…and I’ll set one for me, to hit by month-end.

My new 30-day group starts tomorrow, so I’ve set myself to row 500,000 metres in the group, so that will keep me doing this crazy, but health-rewarding, metreage into December…and nearer the end of this 30lbsbyXmas group.

So to get me to a nice round figure (well almost), I chugged out a 12,900 metres …

…over two efforts, as it saves my a£sebones!

Today: 12,900 m
AGGREGATE: 150,047 metres


Today added 18,008 metres. Start day of my new 30 day group, and on target for what I’ve set myself there:

With Christmas presents in mind, maybe you’ll consider buying children the latest ‘Where’s Wally?’ annual…but there’s another book you could consider: 'Where’s @TommyD? ’ …a much sought after book by all accounts. :joy::joy:

DAY EIGHT: 18,008 metres

AGGREGATE: 168,055 metres


@TommyD …I know it!.. you’re going to pop out of the woodwork and surprise us with “Sorry I’ve not posted daily, but I’ve rowed 500,000 so far this week”… @atb88 got his eye out for this shenanigans, as has @Greenballs I hope!

Anyway, tonight I’ve knocked out the requisite 18,000 daily metres for a target I’ve set myself in my 30 day group…

Add that to previous and for RowVember we’ve got :

DAY NINE: 18,011
AGGREGATE: 186,066 metres


DAY TEN: 22,017 (day not over yet, rugby to watch…)
AGGREGATE: 208,083m

C’mon @TommyD , post your aggregate


Or anything. I might get a run on our rower tomorrow. I’ll see how I am time wise. Thoughts on resistance etc?


Just try it out…treat it as fun @Greenballs , whilst you find your feet on machine. I’d reckon you’ll find between 6 and 7 will be comfy as you’ve got our weight.

Concept 2 the company suggest newcomers try on 3.5, and work on from there…but presumably they are assuming any old weight person is their audience. You’re stronger than that, so I’m anticipating that 6.5 will end up being your most productive and comfortable marker.

Most people assume the 10 will produce their optimum performance…but are then totally bolloxed after just 500/1000 metres… you could set to 3, but you’d possibly just cruise and not do yourself justice…so try 5 or 6 and when all feels good you’ll find an hour’s worth of fun and fat-burning is just there to be had!


Re-reading your post @Greenballs …your question ‘Any thoughts on resistance?’ may have been you pontificating on whether you’d actually resist going for a run OR go on rower!.. If THAT was the question - DON’T resist anything…just do it!

(Nike will thank you!)


I was to go this morning but I went out and walked for an hour and half and slipped my mind. I get a half hr in the morning after a spin class. Or might try go down tonight see how much time I can get.