DAY ELEVEN: 20,012 metres completed in chunks of 7k, 2 x 5k and 3k… 1,181 calories burned.
1 hour 37 minutes of fun on a rower!

AGGREGATE RowVember: 228,095 metres


On target, lad, keep going!


A new day…and a cheeky 7,011 metres to keep the aggregate ticking over…whatever happens in gym tonight is a bonus!..235,106 metres.

Feeling light as a feather on my feet…c’mon @TommyD … I’d like you to be feeling great too. Still 18 days left and plenty of feel-good factor to be discovered by December and then we can go again…:grinning:

@Greenballs …did you get to gym rower last evening?..highly recommend. Alternate days on rower for a fortnight and I GUARANTEE you’ll be feeling SO much better…


Never got on for various reasons but it’s in the plan. I’ll try get on later if I can. Wife wants to go walking so I’ll see how the weather is here


Ok, I’ve settled for that 7,000 for the day and resting to go again:

AGGREGATE: 235,000 metres


I seem to have stalled coming up to the midway stage, but mentally not so…10,000 metres today, although I’d set myself for double that, but I’ll def make up for it tomorrow:

AGGREGATE: 245,000 metres


DAY FOURTEEN: 5,000 metres 22.28 minutes / 296 calories burned
AGGREGATE: 250,000 metres

C’mon @TommyD … still time, halfway point end of play tonight.


What happened yesterday, @Zero4?


Ah, back…cheeky but under-the-counter 8,000 metres… under time constraint as had to meet up with friends in evening… evidently Tommy’s got more friends than me as he appears to not know where his rower is!

Anyway, it’s the weekend, so time to make up for relatively slow progress past three days…


DAY SEVENTEEN: add 23,000 metres from Days 16 and today…8k + 15k… 1,376 calories
AGGREGATE: 273,000 metres

The mid-stage ‘dip’ in daily metreage is over and back on full throttle from tomorrow…have from today added stationary cycling between rowing efforts for bit of fun (for me!)…but rowing metres is all that counts on this thread…13 days to go @atb88 …all good. Still awaiting, hoping and expecting, late, killer post from @TommyD


DAY EIGHTEEN: 21,000 metres

AGGREGATE: 294,000 metres

Nevermind anything else, the feel-good health benefits of daily rowing is worth the effort…some days it’s a breeze to hit whatever target I’ve set myself for the day, sometimes it’s an effort…but overall I’m just wishing @TommyD was able to give his input to encourage others because I’d defy anyone not to feel so much better if they knocked out just, say 5,000 metres a day for a fortnight… @atb88 ?


Bollix!.. developed sniffle over last night which remains with me…‘Listen to your body’…an old mantra of mine, so in the interests of medium/longer term I cut tonight’s session at 9,000 metres which at least takes me over the 300m threshold…so that’s something at least to show for the abbreviated day:

DAY NINETEEN:. 9,000 metres 39.58 minutes; 549 calories burned

AGGREGATE: 303,000 metres


Hopefully you’re better tomorrow, mate.

You on for 500k?


It was my ‘secret’ intention on Day One…then when Mr T didn’t join in it was even more sensible to have a personal target. I’ve made 500k my target within my 30 day group which started around 10 Nov, so that will keep me going ten days after RowVember finishes and I’ll be up to around 650 by mid December too!


Good hustle, mate. 1m by January 1st? :open_mouth:


There’s a thought and, as I’ve every intention of continuing the ‘almost’ extreme rowing metres, a target I really should aim for.

Two things POSSIBLY in the way… I’ve a consultant’s appointment regarding mystery lump and hernia tear on 28 November…so there’s the possibility they’ll operate in December which would leave me bandaged around the oomaghoulie area…or similar.

I’d already promised myself to up the stationary cycling as well so, unless I spend even more time in the gym, something’s gotta give!


DAY TWENTY-TWO…effort on hold until cold clears. Maybe back tonight depends on continued recovery. If not, it’ll be tomorrow with a vengeance…

AGGREGATE: 303,000 metres


I’m suffering as well, mate. Get better soon!


Coughing and spluttering at end of each 5k, not sure quite ready to be squeezing the last remnants of this cold out of me just yet, but could be full throttle again at and over the weekend…

DAY TWENTY-TWO: 10,000 metres 44.06 minutes

AGGREGATE: 313,000 metres


Good hustle, mate. Keep it up!

I’m going to see what I can do for a rowing machine in December all going well. A slight injury I’ve had is feeling so much better now which means I should be fine on a rowing machine going forward.

Don’t hold me to it but some friendly encouragement wouldn’t go amiss.