Definitely recommend Concept 2 over others. Admittedly I’ve not tried other latest ones, but when I first purchased I selected cheaper brand the shop had and, having just pulled on it for half a dozen strokes went back to shop and walked off with Concept 2.

They’ve not changed that much over the years (mines 18 years old) and reckon you’d be safe on EBay or similar.


Cold still prevalent, and that plus evening out at theatre saw me miss gym today…last night’s effort was probably premature… let’s see how things progress health-wise over the weekend.


AGGREGATE: 313,000 metres


I’ll see what there is in the gym of my flat on Sunday if I’m recovered.


Sunday: DAY 25: No change, still feel like $hite so will see when this cold likely to pass and when I can return to the gym, then reassess target and go again.


Monday. DAY 26. Still nowhere near 100% with this persistent cough and cold…I think it’ll be with me til Thursday, so my inclination is to reset my exercise challenge to cover December to include both indoor cycling with continuation of rowing.

@atb88 … what’s the score with your rower in flat gym? Is it any good? (Concept 2?) Presumably this is a gym located in your complex? it well frequented as a gym?


Don’t know yet, mate. Didn’t get a chance to look last night. It’s a good gym though.

I’m in a hotel tonight, will see if there’s a rower there if I ever get out of the office!