Run 1000 miles in 2018


Run 1000 Miles in 2018

Date: All of 2018
Time: whenever
Cost: Zero
Location: wherever

Details: Just run 1000 miles in 2018

That’s 2.8 miles per day. We’ve chatted about this in the RED groups, and we reckon it’s doable, whether you’re doing RED or not.

With thanks and all credit to @TommyD for the spreadsheet format. It’s still a work in progress, but it will get us through January at least. Let me know if any problems accessing or editing.

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Could this be run or walk? Might attract a few more to take part. I know I have pretty much no chance of getting anywhere near this if it’s running only. 1000 miles on foot is still a pretty good achievement.


Is this 1000 miles each or all in?




It DOES sound a bit insane, and I’m sure I’m likely to regret it in due course, but what the hell, count me in!


Is walking included?


Running 1000 miles sounds insane. Running 2.8 miles sounds much less insanerer. It’s 2.8 miles a day.

Full disclosure: as a 4 Mile a day Walker, I’m not sure about including walking, BUT if you need to build up to running by doing walk-run C25K style, I get that. The sheet is there to be used, and if it helps to meet an objective, then have at it.


I’d see no reason why walking couldn’t be included, 1000 miles either ran or walked is a great achievement imo.

If walking is included, can we have a separate total column for walked miles and ran miles? So Total Ran so far Jan and total walked so far Jan etc?

Or is that going to over complicate things?


Disappointing run to the gym tonight. Disappointing because gym is in a school and doesn’t open up again until tomorrow :grimacing: - still, 2.44 miles puts me ahead of the curve, slightly.


Errr, yeah it will. Beyond the time that I have available anyway.


I’ve set myself this challenge for the year so shall update the spreadsheet when next back on a laptop - got to 810 miles last year but that the highs of marathon training and running one in April followed by 4-5 months of almost no running due to ruining my ankle.

Looking forward to the challenge of this one - 2.8miles running a day is a great way of breaking it down!


I’m going to easing into this but made sure of a short jog home from work this evening. Will be sure to make it up when I’m fully fit


Nice to have you on board @moaker . I’ve added a row for you to start work on.


Aarrgh - the miles (vs. km) are messing with my head after metric RED! 8.3 yesterday and a hill session coming up tonight so expect to add another 5 or so - will update the spreadie this evening.


This is why I keep Garmin Connect in imperial and Strava metric


Starting to fall behind pace due to some shorter runs. We’ll see what I can do about that this week.


35 miles in week one is a good start. Body feeling it a bit today but managed to get out for a relaxed 5… next week will likely not get quite as many but hoping for 25+


Vertical mile in the stairwell of the hotel today.


Treadmill. Falling behind the curve. Will need to do a few 4-5 Mile runs next week to get back on it.


Did 7.1 yesterday and a 7.8 today. Tomorrow will be super short, but pretty pleased so far.